Tuesday, September 23, 2014

So, Exactly How Do You Measure Productivity?

Nice slant Cavanaugh. How convenient to cut off the officer's answer when he was asked if he was pressured. He answer was not.

He wasn't pressured, he was just a bad cop.

.............and Credic's peeps say:
“The DeKalb County Police Department does not have a ticket quota system.  Our department consists of dedicated and hard-working men and women who come to work every day and put their lives on the line to protect and serve this community.  Like any law enforcement organization we do expect our officers to uphold their  sworn duties.  Those duties include,  implementing and enforcing methods that ultimately reduce crime and protect law abiding citizens.  Our constituents deserve nothing less than this type of exemplary service and every member of this organization has the shared responsibility to achieve this mission.”


Anonymous said...

Some folks need to be scared now! I hope the media doesn't let go of this one. Indeed wrong is wrong and that officer apparently planting drugs has to pay for what he did.

The department and the precincts have turned a blind eye to certain behaviors as long as the numbers are right.

Those numbers are called quotas and heads should roll for this.

The supervisors (including precinct commanders and higher) who don't have the guts to do the right thing and not pressure officers to compromise their integrity. These higher ranking individuals are charged to provide justice to everyone; whether the law outlines it or morals guide it.

The stupid officers that also cannot find the personal courage to not affect adversely affect the same lives that they charged to provide justice for.

It is hard to do the right thing because we all have children, bills, loved ones, homes, cars, pensions and so forth. People are scared.

So if one is faced with the dilemma, What do you do, Major, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Master Police Officer, Detective, PO1, PO2 and even specialized unit personnel.

What do you do when faced with the wrong thing-The answer-THE RIGHT THING!

Anonymous said...

It's easy to measure poroductivity. Citizens who have been illegal detained, arrested and cited to name a few need to start filing lawsuit to include not only the County but the chain of command. A nice settlement would be a good start with the measurement of this QUOTA I mean Productivity goals!

Anonymous said...

Pull the stats and lets see how many traffic units turn in exactly 15 citations a day. Productivity my ass, call it what you want, its looks and smells like a good old quota! Vacation request, assignments, take homes, etc. all held over officer's heads to write citations and make J1. This pressure has been put on officers for years by the brass and political powers that be. Where was the public safety director or president or what ever his new title is when the news wanted to talk. He runs towards the cameras for every other thing why not this one. Maybe NOBLE should look into who paid the greatest price literally when it comes to this quota system. Spend a day at recorders court and observe Mr. NOBLE.

Anonymous said...

Yeah like they don't expect numbers! Give me a break. Numbers drive everything here. Numbers low, move to SP on midnights. He might have been a kissa** crook but that doesn't mean there aren't quotas.

Anonymous said...

Productivity as an LEO is not based on number of arrests and income off tickets, its making the county safer and getting rid of real bad guys - not writing tickets at a stop sign to stay in NET.

Anonymous said...

If you don't think tickets make the county turn. Just look at what the tac unit drives everyday. Motorcycles never older than 2 years, brand new Chargers and all the bells and whistles. Look at what Uniform drives, cars with over 80,000 miles and pieces of shits...While new cars sit so they can find a way to give them to the good old boys that play the game the way they like. Yea the ticket game is in full effect and has been for over 20 years. Officers have always been judged and valued as an officer by ticket numbers. Because that's how money is made for the county. Oh yea and if anyone deserves new cars and good equipment. It's uniform they the ones that will be in chases and are running 10-18 all day long.

Anonymous said...

Why don't ya'll just quit and go over to Doraville.

God loves them A whole lot more.

Anonymous said...

What precinct are you at?.... 80,000 miles is less than what the sergeants are driving.

Anonymous said...

Quotas are legal. Asking for one arrest and two citations, which at best would occupy maybe two hours, is not unreasonable for a ten hour shift. If there was no minimum, some officers would never do anything at all. The fact that an officer made an illegal arrest proves his incompetence, not that the department is responsible.

Anonymous said...

To #1 comment, yes you. There is no way in hell that any supervisor has suggested that you compromise your integrity. No one in the chain of command is turning a blind eye toward "certain behaviors". If you work here, then you are disgruntled and a liar. You may well be a cityhood pusher, trying to diminish this department and the good officers that put their lives on the line every day.

Anonymous said...

Any real police officer who can not address two real traffic offences a shift and make a real arrest is not dong his job. How else do you think that supervisors can make sure the officers are working? There should be far mor DUI arrests also but SOME officers don't want to make DUI cases because they think it is too much work.Officers should also be called on the carpet for repetitive burglaries in their terrritory too. Bring back the 1970-80's DKPD and supervisors who are not afraid to supervise !

Anonymous said...

Here we go again, busting on SOD. Uniform crying for cars??? PLEASE...when they wrap a brand new unit around a tree or are given a new caprice with less than a 100 miles....you hear them bragging on how fast their driving the. 130..140 and it's not even broke in.
SOD still has 2007 chargers in use. When I was at the "A" Shop the other day I saw the board with the mileage and unit numbers along with prec. locations. Uniform drives the vehicle till they damage it and then park it in a corner and write it up.

Those new cars at Memorial Drive are the replacements for the ones Uniform crashed and burned over 3 years ago!!! Purchasing is just now clearing the invoices!!!

So as long as the "A" shop sees the damage that UNIFORM does and then reports to Lavista Road on a "MONTHLY" report of a "COST CENTER" break down sheet of damages....Uniform can cry until the cows come home.

Now I know your going to say.. " well then give us take homes"!!!

Show you can take care of a line unit to a certain degree without chicken bones under the seat, clean it up a little...run it or wash it yourself and clean the windows......and stop destroying cars faster than the county can provide....then maybe...just maybe things will turn for the better. Until then dry up and deal with the hand your dealt.

SOD Motors...there are openings from what I see....new bikes every 2 years....maybe it's called a contract!!! You can head on over there if you like or want. 5/2 & one Saturday a month plus every detail that comes down the road though remember when it's raining or cold...your riding. From talking to those guys...there is no plan "b" days in bad weather.

So once again, if you're not happy you can head on like everyone else and continue to bad mouth the county. For those of us that will continue to go to war everyday and have a hell of a time doing it....SEMPER FI!! and yes....I'm in uniform and I've been here more than a few days.....and no...I do not have a take home!!!

I've done my home work and found out why...so before you run your mouth...do some research and find out why with a REAL REASON instead of pointing the finger. Reminds me of an absent parent that is not present...they can do no wrong!!!

Time to load up and go 10-41!!! South Radio I'm available for the next call.

P.S. I know there will be ones to bad mouth and show their stupidity!

Anonymous said...

Hey Semper Fi, I think you missed the point. The fact that we don't have take homes is why the units are pieces of shit and look like shit. I know for a fact that SOD doesn't put you in a new take home and say ok we are going to watch how you take care of this...If you don't we are going to take it back. NO they give it to you and you know it's yours and only yours to drive.....Therefore you take care of it wash it and wax it and it last longer and looks better...That's my point. That's everyones point on the take home cars. We too would like for the county to show appreciation for us in UNIFORM...You know the guys/gals that everyone says YOU are where the rubber meets the road, You are the back bone of this dept. You are who the public sees and deals with daily...But we are still gonna treat ya like step children...and who gives a crap if ya might get into a 10-80 chasing a 44 perp., or might have to run 10-18 three times a shift. Oh yea don't pay attention to the odometer with 100,000 plus miles, or the fact that the car sways all over the road at 60 mph. It's safe don't worry (say the chiefs that wouldn't be caught dead driving one) or maybe they would. Dead I mean!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy I no longer work there. What a shit hole! # 1792.

Anonymous said...

Wow I saw God Alexander on the news again, this guy is the biggest camera whore I have ever seen. He does not care about this county or this police department, he wants a job in Washington. His ego is bigger than the presidents and if you ask him he is better than the president " remember he is God" he needs to take his fake online doctorate degree and his non post certified ass and get the hell out of my county.

Anonymous said...

What BULLSHIT !!!!

Anonymous said...

How has this discussion turned to take-homes? Stop whining about cars. This is bigger than new cars. It's about whether officers are being forced to write tickets and make arrests to keep from being transferred where they don't see family, lose approved jobs, get overlooked for promotion, based on how much revenue comes in through b.s. tickets and crap arrests that make the dept's stats look good and money in the bank for corrupt politicians to give to their friends through gift cards. Where do you think a lot of that money comes from? Something has to happen to take this further than griping on a blog (where if you are caught posting you get demoted faster than the creep who plants drugs, because the Doctor doesn't like it). This is not what we signed up for.(And to those who say if we don't like it we can go away, didn't sign up for that either.) WRITING LOTS OF CRAP TICKETS IS NOT EVIDENCE OF GOOD POLICE WORK.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 7:02 PM Sept 24.....

You should have seen it back in the 1980's and 90's if you think your busting your ass on southside. Full PO sheets every every evening...sometimes 2 of them! 2 tickets and a j-1 per shift.....some of us wrote whole ticket books in a shift....and having to write those accident reports and incident reports by hand...on carbon paper. Old junky police cars aint nothing new around here, except ours had big dents in them and ask an old timer where they came from. We never wanted take home cars back then...they all smelled like vomit and blood. Chicken bones under the seat? WE had blood, vomit and other gore in the back seat every single day. Dont take this wrong. You are a young hard charger and its cops like you that put the absolute fear of GOD into the bad guys on southside and keep the crime rate down. I was a hard charger too back then when DeKalb Police took no shit off anybody. The bad guys used to stay on the other side of I-20 at candler rd and were terrified to come across that bridge to buy their dope at the red carpet inn.
Most of us old cops are gone now, retired, and a great many of us are dead. (I miss you Fitz) Always remember we know you are in the trenches on the front line, and that we love you and you are on of us. You are carrying on a tradition in that shithole and it takes cops like you to protect the good people down there.

Oh yeah...SEMPER FI...and I can say that because I was a Marine before I was a DeKalb County Police Officer, possibly before you were ever born.

Sgt Friendly

Anonymous said...

September 24, 2014 at 7:02 PM

Sir; you make some very interesting points on the vehicles. Correct me if I'm wrong but when UNIFORM is running 10-18 to a sig 95 and is a back-up running 107 on a certain road and a innocent victim pulls out in front of him, that officer totaled that unit out. In fact it is sitting down at East Prec, for everyone who comes through those doors to look at real hard.

Back in the day Uniform was given what they needed and they were written up and held accountable for the damages to county equipment though with the "NEW" generation of young people coming into the department within the past 12 or so years to the current, their attitude is, "we deserve it".

The older days the MPO with the most years drove the new cars and the rookies got the oldest ones one the lot. You kept your mouth shut and told yourself that one day I'll be in that position or have rank and drive a car without a screen. That was something you would strive for until that day.

Now the young officer feels just because he has the position he deserves his cake and eat it at the same time. Mean while your older, experienced, scene more than you can shake a stick at, is seeing that the county is not going to correct the problems; not only internal but external as well and they are moving.

Though I do not work South, I work N/C and I see more and more of things getting worse.

Pointing fingers, bitching, moaning and groaning on here does not do any real good. If you want to change things then start by taking a good long look in the mirror and say to yourself, "what can I do..."I DO"...to make this shift a better one? Is it handling the calls in the correct amount of time instead of milking them or is it trying to back my fellow sector partner up without a Sgt. telling me to do so???....or will it be-NOT MY PROBLEM??..JUST HERE TO GET A PAYCHECK!!!

Semper Fi, I took a long hard look at what you said and looked back on the reasoning of your post. Makes a great deal of sense and I to ask some questions and found the right answers. I may not agree with some but I'm not in the position....YET...to change them.

We all wear the same uniform and that makes us a force to be dealt with if we could just stop bickering and having temper tantrums and work as a team, you might be surprised that the old ways (to a certain degree) would come back into light.
If some need a further break down it would be like a football team. Right now we look like the Buccaneers from the other night with the Falcons. The county looks like the Buc's.

You can't please everybody with a department this large. So do your job and adapt, over come & improvise with what you do have until the job gets done and we go home at the end of the shift.

I'll close by what you said; some will criticize and point fingers but sit back and over look at what you did today to make it a better shift. You say the supervisors are screaming and demanding.....that's because several just sit back and say, "NOT MY PROBLEM"..."JUST HERE TO GET PAID"..."NO-ONE ELSE WAS HIRING"..."NEEDED A JOB"...Well then...be thankful and earn your dam check and let's see what we can do to improve our shift!!!

If we start small with our shift then we can move on to bigger problems like getting rid of bad supervisors that have never had any management skills in their life to get the help they need. That includes all divisions!!

Veteran-w/military...UNIFORM DIVISON!

Anonymous said...


Hey Semper Fi, I think you missed the point. The fact that we don't have take homes is why the units are pieces of shit and look like shit. I know for a fact that SOD doesn't put you in a new take home and say ok we are going to watch how you take care of this...If you don't we are going to take it back. NO they give it to you and you know it's yours and only yours to drive.....Therefore you take care of it wash it and wax it and it last longer and looks better:

Brother you are way off base on that one. From what I hear they have inspections on those vehicles and if fail any thing that comes from fleet such as lube, PM or even a hard/IA type of investigation that they loose their cars. They have pride in their jobs and if you ever looked at SWAT, I don't remember ever, ever seeing a dirty Tahoe. According to motor maint. records they downed one charger, it looks like with over 218K-7 years on road & the other got totaled out by a drunk driver with 210K & 6 years in service. Sounds like a pretty dam good run with those vehicles. I'm going to try and find who drove those units and talk to them.

Some with take homes still park them at the prec. and drive their pov's. Maybe your just upset because you don't have one. Who knows but their not going to pass them out left and right until UNIFORM starts taking care of what they have. If you need more guidance go talk to your motor maint. officer at any prec. or go talk to the "A Shop" on Rays at Memorial

Officer wrote one vehicle up stating on the sheet that, "they could not see out the front windshield" and downed the vehicle at the prec. level for that reason. Talk about lazy.

If they would have just taken a moment and wiped the inside of the cars windshield down and cleaned up all the circular suction marks from everyone's GPS unit then they could have driven that semi brand new unit instead of pulling lazy stunt like that.

I rest my case brother. Not being rude or ugly but we've got to take care of what we have. 10 minutes out of our shift and you would be surprised on how far that goes with the vehicle and the next officer crawling into the same vehicle. Lead by example and set the standard.

Semper Fi! stay safe!

Anonymous said...

This atty makes his $ by linking feeble facts into grand conspiracies & then calling WSB-TV (no fact checks news). He hopes the bad press will result in a quick settlement. Reminds me of a smelly crackhead that used stand in front of a restaurant until they gave him food to go away. --I say 9/23 @ 11:11 not DKPD--9/23@12:01 not DKPD. An expectation of 2 tickets a day is fine; it shows your doing something other than dodging calls and whining. I agree with 9/23 @ 9pm, just quit & go somewhere else so you can bitch about there & irritate them with your made up DKPD war stories. We won't miss you cause your already dodging calls and bitching about called out for low productivity.

Anonymous said...

I to am glad I am long gone.........especially when I read that idiots post "South Radio Iam 10-41! Give me the next call!"

What a moron! You actually make it worse for everyone and fall under the category of...."We can get people to do this job for $10 an hour." What a moron!!!!!!!

They are using you! At some point youll realize this (maybe you won't) and the water wont taste as good as it does right now.


Anonymous said...

As long as we talking about quotas how many people under Capt Porter quit? Shes got to hold a department record.

Anonymous said...

September 25, 2014 at 10:32 PM:

My point exactly!!..Glad your gone to because you never helped, you got burned when you tried to help and then quit.

I'm still here and ready to back my fellow officer out. $10.00 an hour???..I see you went to a security job because my check is a hell of a lot more than that!!

This one making noise on channel 2 is now in Brookhaven. He is "X" for a reason!

The old saying if you cant handle the heat, get out of the kitchen!!

We've got to come together before we tear each other apart!.

The supervisors have already done that, we need to over come.

Uniform will prevail!!.. we also have and always will.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, just saw blue order and Lt. Williams got transferred to East Pct, did he screw up?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1023 pm

Yeah it is a revolving door of supervisors in ILP. No one wants to work for an idiot and a liar. This entire ILP thing is a disaster and Alexander and Harris act like they had nothing to do with it. But no matter what Porter does or doesn't do she remains in her position. Alexander is one of the biggest hypocrites I have met in my 40 years.

Unless there are changes in the leadership of ILP, the next lieutenant who puts in for ILP is an idiot and deserves what he/she gets.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard about Williams screwing up and getting kicked out of a unit before but I heard a lot about Porter being impossible to work for.

Anonymous said...

Going on 8 years with out a raise.

South Radio...blah blah blah.....10:32 PM is right.

Your an IDIOT.

Now go work that 41. IDIOT.

Anonymous said...

If you can't find a few tickets and a j1 in 10 hours in dekalb county then the fact is and face it your lazy. Please leave and go to Chamblee or Brookhaven where the other lazy ones went. Make room for more new hires. There are politics in every department and we're not micromanaged here like my former Academy partner in Dunwoody. Would you really rather handle an alarm or two in your whole shift and be a glorified security guard or do some REAL policing here.

Veteran MPO

Anonymous said...

To Sept 27th at 9:45 PM....

Us old timers stayed until we were bled to death, then quit out of frustration, retired or died. Stay there for a few years and they'll bleed you to death too.
If its only for yourself, then go for it. Its your life to spend however you want. If you have a family or anybody who cares about you and who wants you to be successful, then I would find another department if you want to stay in law enforcement.
Take a little advice, find a person who has been with the department over 20 years (very few of them left) and pull them aside and ask them to speak frankly about the department and their career here. Some will forget about rank and tell you what we already know. Only do this if you want to know the truth. Otherwise, have some more koolaid and enjoy your career with DeKalb. Who knows, that place my be custom made for you.
As for us, we always thought for ourselves and never drank the koolaid and kissed anybodys ass no matter who they were or what rank they were. No part of DeKalb was "gentrified" back then and in certain places even the ambulances had to have multiple Police escorts....I shit you not. You HAD to be a bad ass to be a DeKalb Police Officer back then and there was no choice. Ask around and others will concur.
You have this reputation to uphold but my guess is you cant or wont!

Can I get an amen...

Anonymous said...

Lol.....How you ask...... by the number of new patrol cars rolled out in August and September..

Anonymous said...

For all you people complaining about your jobs and about your off days and overtime. Well I have busted my ass to get where I am and gone through hell and now my unit is going to be the only unit in the county that has to work a 5/2 schedule. Yes I have a take home sub and I get to train a lot but we get more shit details than any other unit in this department. I'm not happy about how we have been treated and lied to by our command stuff but I will come in and do what I am asked and do a good job. So initial you make the real team and are part of an elite unit stop your bitching and the job you are being paid to do.

Anonymous said...

To Oct 3rd at 10:38 PM....

Well said!

Once I was told that DeKalb was a sinking ship and all the "RATS" are jumping overboard. I got news for you, the rats are the ones who ate holes in DeKalb's ship and the ones who jumped overboard and survived are the ones who were smart enough or we just lucky enough to find a life jacket. DeKalb was sabotaged by these damned rats that sit around bitching and wanting federal money because the ship is going down and they are too lazy to bail the water out. DeKalb aint the Titanic and DeKalb didn't accidentally hit some iceberg. DeKalb was intentionally destroyed and I have nothing but respect for those who left for a better place. Can you blame the refugees who flee a war torn country looking for a better life. Ask the residents on Candler Rd and I bet most of them would leave in a heartbeat for a better place if they could.