Saturday, October 11, 2014

Message From Robbie Robertson, Pension Bd Retiree Rep

It’s great that someone is actually reading the pension board meeting minutes. The board worked diligently to get a pension board website hosted and ran by the pension board. The minutes posted on this site are a legal document and are approved by the board prior to posting. This assures the members and retirees are getting accurate information.

In reference to your questions, the majority of business conducted at the regular meetings is standard investment and monitoring of the pension fund assets and managers. As a pension board we have no control over, benefit improvements, health insurance, or reduction in benefits or colas. That is totally in the commissioners hands. We are charged with managing the pension assets, and your board along with our consultant Callan & Associates has outperformed the 100’s of public plans in Callan’s data base over the last several years. Yes, the pension board did make a loan to the county for the early out and the loan amount was around $14 million. For clarification, the county is paying the loan back at an interest rate of 7.5%, and they are making their payments as required. This is not only monitored by the board but the board’s actuary the Segal and Company.

As far as the Cola for retirees this has been addressed numerous times and is an ongoing process. The pension fund is only funded at approximately 64% and as fiduciaries of the fund we cannot recommend a cola without funding. The CEO and Board of Commissioners are looking at several recommendations from the board to implement a cola, but this will have to be funded by the county at this point.
As far as attendance to the meetings, over the last three years I have only missed one meeting by being in attendance or calling in. If there is an issue that requires a controlling vote I can vote at two meetings yearly via phone, if I am needed to make a quorum or there is a need to be in attendance the chairman lets me know and I am in there.

Lastly let me thank you for taking the time to visit the pension website and reading the meeting minutes, if more people like you did this there would be a lot less rumors floating around.

Robbie Robertson
Pension Board Retiree Rep


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Robbie!

Anonymous said...

The board. of commissioners my be paying the money they borrowed from the pension for the early out from 2010. When the county commissioners raised the amount the employee and employer had to pay into the pension within 6 months to a year the commissioners lowered there amount and that has been that way for years! The pension would be funded more than 64% if the commissioners had been paying what they were suppose to!! Still never heard how ya were going to fix that problem!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey # 1 Lay off the Jack before you make an entry ;-)

Anonymous said...

Communication from the pension board is a great thing ; very important to the employees and we appreciate the information. Thanks !

Anonymous said...

Yep but we only hear from Robbie we someone complains.

Anonymous said...

The Ghost only comes out on Holloween.