Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Holder Lets Cedric Hold It

Eric Holder came to town to continue whipping up the frenzying against the police. 
Somehow he has turned the Ferguson incident to an outcry against “profiling”. There was no allegation of profiling in Ferguson. Michael Brown was seen on video robbing (a forcible felony by the way) a store clerk. He was not “profiled”. 

Holder promises “robust safeguards to help end racial profiling once and for all”. Them some scary words. We envision the outlawing, yes we said outlawing of “stop and frisk” and heavily monitoring of “stop and question”.   

Because President Barack Hussein Obama II, Eric Holder and the stellar Al Sharpton (Tawana Brawley, Crown Heights Riot)were proven wrong with the outcome of the Ferguson Grand Jury, they are taking this opportunity to widen the divide. 

Our so called leaders are taking us into some dangerous destructive waters.  

And where was Cedric “The Entertainer”? Ass sucking Holder at Ebenezer Church.


Anonymous said...

Where is the acknowledgement the this unarmed black teenager committed a forcible felony, attacked a police officer, attempted to get his gun and was trying to kill him?

How is Ferguson a sign of a problem with police? The officer did what he was taught to do and lived to see another day and his family.

Are we to turn in or just not use our weapons in the future?... should we turn a blind eye to crime because we don't want to be accused of racism and profiling?....

What would you like from us?... if you want us to respond and turn out insurance reports, we'll do just that... just say the word!

Anonymous said...

to Dec 2 at 11:57 PM....

YES. If you are smart and want to live to grow old with your family and children and have any financial future, then you are a fool to proactively police in DeKalb County. As a retired DeKalb Police Officer who used to kick ass and take names back in the day......I hate to say it...but now the time has finally come to pass. LET THE MAGGOTS HAVE THE PLACE AND LET THEM WALLOW IN IT THEN THEY CAN ONLY BLAME THEMSELVES. They want anarchy and chaos......let them have it.....protect yourself and your family.
If it were another area or some rural county I would still possibly consider being a proactive police officer, but not in metro Atlanta and NEVER in DeKalb County. You are NOT protected by the law, the chief of police and the elected leaders like you once were. NOW the president and Attorney General are actively looking to harm you for doing your job....and your chief of police is one their side!
It kills my spirit that this has happened, is shed my blodd for DeKalb County as did a LOT of other officers, but there is no denying it any more. The criminals WON in DeKalb County! Let them enjoy their victory.
DeKalb....what a waste!

Anonymous said...

I wonder with all of Alexander police experience , never mind I forgot he has none.

Anonymous said...

Hearing Dr Cedric on tv talk about the Po-lice I wonder about his PhDs could it be fictitious or the product of an online degree where a subordinate did the work.That is how Tom Brown received his bachelor degree.