Friday, December 12, 2014

Two Officers, Suspect Shot

A manhunt for suspects is underway in DeKalb County after two police officers were shot Friday morning at an apartment complex near Glenwood Road and Austin Drive.

An additional suspect was shot during the incident near the Colony Ridge Apartments.
The officers have been taken to Atlanta Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

Several blocks of Glenwood Road just west of I-285 were shut down by police. The intersection of Glenwood and Austin Drive was also blocked.


Anonymous said...

Lets hope & pray that the judicial system doesn't screw up and give these fine outstanding citizens some probation and put their stupid butts back on the street like it has happened on previous occasions.

Its a true waste of manpower when the fine officers of our department have to waste time chasing these assholes all over creation. These dirt bags will never learn from their mistakes after numerous prison times only to think they can do it again.

Its a felony to assault a LE officer and it should be MANATORY 50 years in prison and 50 years to serve, none of this bullshit of 1/3 time.

Keep on doing a great job troops and lets hope and pray that these dirt bags will finally get the hint that it is not worth running away. Keep the faith up people!

Anonymous said...

Hope both Officers will recover well and return to their bad the stinking perp is still brathing!!!

Anonymous said...

Very happy that the officers are ok.

Anonymous said...

The question is why we're these perps not already in prison? What nice arrest record.

Anonymous said...

As I read this where two Dekalb Officers have been shot.....and there are NO comments, I am stunned and shocked. Either comments made have not been posted by our moderator, OR, nobody even gives a shit if our officers get shot anymore.
Which is it?

Anonymous said...

@anon 10:40 No surprize here that there are not that many comments about the officers that were shot. We may bleed P.D. blue, but unfortunately this blog and it's participates do not honor or care when officer's of color are gunned down. If a white officer had been involved in that incident there would have been a great many more postings. This just proves my point about about racism being alive and well with a good number of white DKPD officers. All you have to do to see this is search the history of this blog when other officers were shot or killed in the line of duty.