Friday, January 30, 2015

Trading Pension Contributions for Cronyism

We gripe about the county commissioners being corrupt. Some look to cityhood to make things better. But are things better?

The people scream they want control that the county doesn't share. One could come to the conclusion they are talking about the lack of sharing in the corruption.

The only difference we see between the county and cities is our pension not being funded and city politicians continue with their own corruption.

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Anonymous said...

The "old Pension" should be supported by the "new cities" since the people under the old pension provided services to the new cities before the county BOC screwed the entire county up starting in 2000, maybe before that. Why the hell are we just now learning that Ed Wall can't sleep at night due to pension funding worries? Our pension reps never communicate with us especiously the retirement rep. I swear..we are surrounded by incompetent idiots! Behold the LOAN to the county for the fiasco early out..and the burden that the early out put on the pension..remember that! We should have had people watching the pension other than the pension board. We should have had our own attorney and a pension organization like they have in New York City. This is why we are not allowed to have unions with bite in they can screw us relentlessly with no bite back. WE ARE FOOLS AND APATHETIC PARTICIPANTS IN OUR OWN DEMISE ! Like someone said in a previous post, "Dekalb officers are brave on the street and cowards as to their own defense" Truer statements have never been spoken on this. Public saftety should have pushed for their own pension years ago...we have no support..not a union, FOP,... no one including ourselves that really stood up for us..we are weaklings !
And this is the result !

Anonymous said...

Politicians have only one thing on their minds. To make promises by trying to get elected, then how to line their own pockets after they get in.

Because most of the south side of the county is populated with idiots, who will re-elect these idiots instead of looking for new people who might have a brain.

Will cityhood make a new difference? The answer is no, mainly for the reason, that once a crook who is in office, will keep on running for re-election. This doesn't make any difference if the area is unincorporated or a city, the crook is still in power.

Anonymous said...

They should make downtown Decatur....8 and your out!!!...Fresh ideas...fresh people.