Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Retired Sergeant Tom Mester Dies

We have just learned Sgt. Mester has passed away. Funeral details pending.

Go in peace brother!


Anonymous said...

What happened?

Anonymous said...

RIP Tom!!!

Sgt. MO Miller#2263 said...

God speed...may you rest in peace.. Thank you for all you taught me.

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace Tom.

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace , our Brother

Ret. Officer BJHendricks 1423 said...

Tom, I don't know if my over comment will post so I won't
repeat it. You were a gifted person we all in our own odd
police way loved and admired. You can not have had a clue
how much your leadership and continued updates on DUI/
Traffic Law meant to not young but ALL of your blue family.
Go now and join another "officer" that walked the street
before us and showed how we should take care of those
that need help. He too Tom gave his all for people just
as you did as an officer - he bears the scars with pride and
dignitiy just like we do. So, before you hear it from Him,Car 2
(Chief Burgess),Hugh Combee, Ann Guinta,Dennis "Step"
Stepnowski and a host of others let me say, " Well done!
Well done Sir!". Go in peace with our love secure in your
heart. You were one of DKPD'S best Tom and no one can
take that away!!!!!! You rocked

Anonymous said...


RSC said...

Tragic end to such a dedicated career, RIP Tom.

Anonymous said...

Nice guy, professional officer, helpful Sargent. I'm sorry he didn't get to spend a long retirement with his family.

Anonymous said...

Ret Officer BJ Hendricks 1423...where did you go? Thought you fell off the face of the earth...Mester you taught a lot to a lot of people not just with PD. RIP