Thursday, June 2, 2016

Retired Lieutenat Tom Reiner Dies

Retired Lieutenant Tom Reiner has died of a massive stroke. Details are pending and will be posting as soon as possible.

Go in peace brother!


DKPD BLUE said...

Straight up nice guy. Life is short. Way,way to short,for a man like Tom. Sad day for all.

Anonymous said...

It was an honor to know and work with Tom. He was one of the best cops I ever knew. I wished he could have enjoyed more time after he left the dept. Rest In Peace brother.
Sgt Friendly

Johnny K said...

The stress of the job combined with the stress of the things that go on in DeKalb County, will catch up with you. Tom was a good officer, a good detective, a good supervisor and a wonderful person. He was retired exactly one year. You will be missed Lt. Tom.