Tuesday, July 19, 2016

2 Indicted, One Deemed A Stooge

And of course Lee May has no knowledge. Just like DeKalb County Commission is not corrupt.

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Anonymous said...

The next kickback scheme I'm assuming while using officers as sheep to facilitate it. http://www.wsbtv.com/video?videoId=407882408&videoVersion=1.0 There isn't enough money in Dekalb Co. to make me put up with this horse shit.

Anonymous said...

Do they record when you go to restroom since they activate when you move? What a joke. How about the crooked commissioners record THEIR every move.

Doc J said...

So similar to this current,*totally ridiculous,political*school yard antics,of this presidential election. Regardless of evidence,after evidence,after more evidence,all of this is immaterial for any,and all current,or future prosecution. Just one more blatant example of,*I didn't know,or better yet,I didn't know that I could not do that",regarding the utter,incompetence,and ignorance,of some,not all mind you,of some elected officials,more especially,in DeKalb County. The bright side,is at least for the time being,is that this guy is gone,and he cant cause anymore damage,or embarrassment,to this county. Now this other unindicted criminal,is,and will always,thumb that nose at everyone,outside of the cronies. Sound familiar?If you think this county is in a inevitable downward spiral,pray that a anti police,anti military,anti second amendment individual,doesn't wind up occupying *government housing*,for the next 4,or even worse,8years. All of this,unfortunately,could be the new normal for this country. You all have 2 simple choices.#1,Hold on,hang on,and hope things change.#2,Start sending out resumes to the corporate world. Your invaluable experience could pay off,handsomely,in the *white collar world*. At least the pay,benefits,and level of respect,are better. This job has always been *us against them*,in the public world. Now its morphed into a war against the police,in the criminal world. If it is any consolation,you have far more support from the public than you probably realize. As always,you are in my family's thoughts,and prayers. Stay extra alert.Stay extra safe. Take care of each other. Make the right choice. We all need you out there,trying to make,and keep everybody safe,everyday. Much love,and respect to you all.