Friday, July 8, 2016

Pray For Dallas

Be careful guys. Now we are targets.


Anonymous said...

I send my thoughts and prayers to each and every one of you, The number of citizens who value you and your service vastly outnumbers those who want to harm you. Thank you for putting on that uniform every day so we can be safe. Please be careful out there.

Anonymous said...

God bless all of you. I work in a difficult area of DeKalb and am happy to see your folks around. Please be very, very careful and stay alert. My family and I support you 100%!!

#1277 said...

To the men and women that are still wearing blue. I love you all and pray for your safety everyday. Keep your minds on the prize, going home each day at the end of your shifts. Stay prayed up and watch each others backs. Remember to treat people fairly and with respect. All lives matter! You are still MY FAMILY.

Anonymous said...

"Value you"... value us right up until it come time to pay us a fair/market wage. Thanks for your support but, officers are leaving because that alone dies not pay the bills.

I hate to sound ungrateful and cold but I'm tired of going to calls for help without back up because the BOC decided to build a library up the street from an existing one instead of paying officers a wage that would keeo them from leaving... Example.... Sgt Mercer: she tested well enough to be the #1 Sgt on the Lieutenant promotion list... she quit late last month before getting promoted.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thank you to all of the DKPD officers who risk life and limb protecting and serving our county. I know it's a hard job and you folks are consummate professionals in your field. Be safe out there, we need you to come home safely.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid.... cops have been targets for a long, long time,,,,,
The bad guys are just getting more emboldened.
Be very careful..... Situational awareness is the key!!!!!!!!!!!

Wes Donaldson