Sunday, July 17, 2016

War Has Been Declared

With the cowardly murders of the 5 Dallas, Texas police officers and now news of another attack and murder of 3 police officers in Baton Rouge, it can only be said that war as been declared on us by homegrown terrorist.

When the justified shooting occurred in Ferguson, Missouri our chief was quick to run to the media cameras for his 15 minutes of fame. Where is he today? Where is chief Cedric?

Here's 5 FACTS that everybody should know.

Keep up the good work, keep your heads down and watch out for each other. Domestic terrorism is at our front door.


Anonymous said...

Chief Cedric is hiding in the wind somewhere, but only a stone's throw from his cell phone or direct line to the media.

He is like the President in the same matter of speaking only to have his face in front of the camera. He might mean well, but the simple true is, that when he speaks, nothing that makes any sense comes out of his mouth.

As far as the troops at DCPD and every other department around the country, My fellow officers; keep you eyes and ears open, stick together, keep your firearm very handy, and make sure those bullets will do the job the first time.

It is better to be judged by 12 (honest educated citizens without any grudges) than to be carried by 6 ( especially those thugs who care about nothing but themselves and their stupid cause)

Anonymous said...

Every encounter could be dangerous, everyone is a threat, has that changed? This job aint for the faint of heart. We mourn our brothers and sisters and drive on, because that is what Warriors do.

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