Friday, September 18, 2009

Pension News

We held our bi-monthly Pension Board meeting on 9-16-2009.

We did not have enough voting members for a quorum so a special meeting will be held ASAP.

A review of the 2009 investment results was done by Callan Associates. Callan stated that we had a good year.

Again I want to give everyone a heads up that our employee contributions (the amount deducted from our pay) and employer contributions (the amount contributed by DeKalb County) will need to increase in order to maintain our excellent pension plan. We will have a recommended increase amount at our November meeting. I will give a heads up on that figure as soon as I get it.

Please post for employees that don’t have email.

James Butler

Pension Board Member


Anonymous said...

Increase more.....shocking.

Anonymous said...

STOP RAISING MY PENSION, you are getting worse than the insurance companies.

Stretched said...

"A review of the 2009 investment results was done by Callan Associates. Callan stated that we had a good year."

We had a good year, BUT we're gonna raise your contribution rate????


Officers will again be taking home less next year than they did the year before.

On top of that, we still don't know how much the health benefits will be going up!

Ticket quota and dispatched calls.... can someone explain the rationale for more than that?

Dekalb seems to see little or decreasing value in what we do for them.

Anonymous said...

The last pension report appeared to be have some major errors, and no one could explain them. No one on this blog could even name who the Police Services pension representative is.
A sad state of affairs and I expect it to get even worse before it gets better. It is past time for DeKalb employees to start monitoring and guiding the pension board. They do work for us, but no one realizes it and hold the board accountable.

Anonymous said...

Is Ed Wall, that close friend of Vernon Jones, the guy who got busted for illicit behavior at the airport, and an all-around arrogant jerk, still on the DeKalb Pension Board?

Why has Burrell Ellis allowed so many Vernon holdovers on the various baords and commissions?

Anonymous said...

Most of us retirees paid at a higher pension rate than is now in effect and most of us did not want the rate lowered but we wanted the pension made stronger but the admin either Maloof or Levetan did this instead of a raise. The pension board at the time went along with this plan. Thanks MR Butler for posting this information

Anonymous said...

I don't know who Mr. Butler is but I want to thank him for giving us thin information. Calen and assoc said we did good? I thought I read dow 17% YTD ! Something is fishy here. I am loosing faith in out pension rep whoever the hell that is. We need to hire an outside person to keep and eye on what is really going on here. Too many un answered questions. Scary.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who the pension reps are and how to contact them? If so please post. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

There needs to be more information given to employees about our pension. Has anyone ever wondered what benefits the "elected" officials of Dekalb county get for their 4 or 8 years of service as opposed to what we get for 25-30 in the trenches? I wonder what kind of "deal" Jones got? Did Chief Bolton get a pension deal? Don't know but sure would like to know. I don't think anyone under the Dekalb pension system "wonders" about anything. I think that's why our so called pension "reps" feel no need to communicate with us..they know that nobody gives a damn. This head in the sand attitude is going to get you one day. Start wondering. Start asking questions.

Anonymous said...

Atlanta has pension problems. See AJC story link above. Is the Dekalb Pension being watched properly? Who knows.Maybe, but nobody tells us mushrooms anything.
The Dekalb Officers blog should set up a regular non moveable section for pension thoughts and opinions.It seems that is the only way we will be kept informed and some of the previous questions may be finally answered...Maybe.