Thursday, September 17, 2009

Waste of Taxpayer Money Continues

It appears the District Attorney has taken a page from terminated police chief Terrell Bolton. Ms. Keyes now has a driver permanently assigned to her. Some of the driver’s duties include getting her children to and from daycare.

DeKalb County has the second highest homicide rate in the state (2nd to the City of Atlanta). The driver is one of 3 homicide investigators in D.A. Fleming’s office. Now her office has 2. Her driver is no longer assigned cases or carry case load. The case load has to be spread among the other 2 investigators.

Sources say the working conditions at the D.A.’s office are horrendous, over worked, cramped office space, leaking roofs, and now this morale buster.

The waste of taxpayer money continues


Anonymous said...

Does this really surprise you?

NOTHING HAS CHANGED...with PD or Dekalb in general.

There are a few new faces, but that's it.

* We still wait for patrol cars to come in before beginning our patrol. We come in early to give them to the next team.

* The laptops are a joke..... touchscreens that don't work, keyboards with buttons that either don't work or have to be pressed multiple times to get a response.

* You have to put in for vacation 2-3 months in advance.

* Tickets are still the primary focus. Pending calls are the norm.

* CYA is the name of the game. Screw everything and everyone else. The team concept and structure is non-existent.

Keyes is probably hoping the problems with the police department will take all the heat off her poor performance and the focus on how she runs her office.

Anonymous said...

Well what about the gang out of Clarkston that were arrested for burglary, only to be sentenced to 5years probation then released with time served. Was this a plea deal or what. The citizens should take note of this in the up coming elections for DA and Judges. I mean these punks were breaking into everything. Heck even Fox 5 did a story on them and their outrageous criminal past. But what do our ellected officials do in Dekalb County (time served) the citizens should revolt. Both the DA and the Judge should be invited to attend every community meeting in all of the neighborhoods who were victimized by these punks and made to explain why they were not sent to prison.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the corruption investigator can investigate this it seems much more an abuse of citizens money than a piddling misuse of ncic.

Anonymous said...

Why do these elected bureaucratic snots need drivers anyway?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of drivers whatever happend with Director Miller's female friend being assigned as his driver. What else is going on at DKPD, this site seems to have become about everything but DKPD. Word is the new Major Lane got reassigned from a pct to training where his incompetence can be better hidden. Te-Bo wouldnt even let him run a pct. Hear New Chief Jagoe aka/hoghead is calling commanders out for making faces in his meetings. Now thats the pot calling the kettle black for sure. Like the other poster said just more of the same crap with new faces.

Anonymous said...

Since Gwen took over, the DA's office has gone from bad to pathetic. That little baby who was dumped in the storm drain didn't have to suffer like that. But Gwen and her useless underlings take forever to indict a case, which gives the defense an edge, which leads to plea bargains of probation only. That little baby's father committed and armed robbery and kidnapping over a year ago. Has he been indicted yet?? Nope!

Anonymous said...

Because they need an entourage....

Anonymous said...

Ya'll crack me up. You have no concept how the judicial system works, so keep handling your calls because it's obvious you aren't detective material.

Yes, some cases are pled out, but the judge is the determining factor on the sentence. There are many times the ADAs recommend a good sentence and the judge turns around and cuts them at the knees.

Do you really think that if a case is indicted ASAP, that means it is going to trial the following day? Again, the judges control their calendars and which cases they want to call. The DA's office do not control that. Also, once a case is indicted and the defense files for a "speedy trial," you better be ready to rock. That means all foresics must be done and witnesses ready to go. Again, you have no idea what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Go Gwen Go! Get u a driver. U need to get what u can while u are here. Yes, Miller's still got his driver too. Go Miller Go! Get yours too buddy. And have that driver swing you by some of your old lady friends so they can move up and make room for me.

Anonymous said...

All county employees with drivers should be outed by the media. We should help as this would be a ratings gain for the station exposing the hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted by Dekalb Co Management. Are you reading this Mr Ellis or is that Mr CEO like your predecessor.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I realize cases don't go to trial the day after they are indicted. That isn't the point. You obviously don't make a lot of cases that go to the DA's office or you would know how long they take even getting the party started with an indictment! When were they planning on indicting this guy? Next year?? Then, like you said, cases don't go to trial the next day, so the case will fester for a year or two, people will leave the department, witnesses will move, and the case will get dropped or he'll be given probation. I'm sick of people defending the DA's office because they are "over worked." If they did their work right in the first place by seeking speedy indictments and insisting on prison time for repeat offenders, their work load would decline.

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall something about the investigators in the District Attorney's Office all complaining about being ordered to drive Gwen Keyes Fleming around when she was pregnant. Anybody remember that?

Anonymous said...

A assigned driver is a status symbol signifying the importance of the position. Niether Chief O'Brien nor Sheriff Brown use their assigned drivers, which is a clue to the character of both men.
To my knowledge, the county CEO's from Maloof through Levitan drove themselves on county business.
Vernon Jones created his executive security detail that was the first to drive a county official on county business. Vern's entourage created a lot of friction, from alleged incidents at a Waffle House to a stand-off with DKSO deputies in Newton County performing surveilance.
The DA has a new unit on the 4th floor CH annex that is primarily composed of young legal interns donated by various law firms to the DA's office. I understand the unit is to investigate ethical violations by county employees. They appeared busy when I was on site, my guess is that we will never hear a word from this unit, but it will provide Gwen with a lot of ammo when she runs for re-election. It appears Gwen learned something from Vern after all.

Anonymous said...

Levitan had drivers and used them.

Anonymous said...

Slight correction” The investigator is not one of the 3 investigators dedicated to homicides, but is the Assistant Chief Investigator. However, other investigators must still take turns driving the DA around even though she has a driver dedicated to this role. When an investigator, including those in homicide, has to take time out of their day to play taxi, they put their cases on hold. This is absurd that the DA who has a seized BMW to drive can not drive to and from the job. If you need a driver use one that is not making 60K plus.

Anonymous said...

These comments are a reflection on the petty mentality of bitter people. Has anyone bothered to consider the the Chief and Sheriff Brown are both MEN as opposed to Gwen who is a diminutive female?
Or, how about the fact that one elected person in DeKalb was assassinated by LAW ENFORCEMENT; or, the endless stream from our own ranks that get busted from malfeasance. Why should Gwen feel safe? We are not doing a good enough job and spend time on here bitching as opposed to something constructive.

This is one sure thing, you people that spend your time righting this crap will never, ever reach any level of success in lfe because you are so pissed about your own pathetic lives that you would rather tear someone else down.

WHat about the positive you idiots? Any objective measure demonstartes that convictions are UP in DeKalb since Gwen has been in office.

Gwen has finally had the balls to take on the idiots at Magistrate Court to allow hearsay so our victims don't get screwed again. The former DA not only let it go on, he didn't have the Balls to take them on. Maybe that was because he was an idiot too as proven bu his former law firm's decision to let him go.

Gwen has reached out to do training for us when the former "good old boys" sat on the butts.

So before you yearn for the "good old days" why don;t you drink a cup of reality?

Anonymous said...

To Whoever you are that wrote this:

"This is one sure thing, you people that spend your time righting this crap will never, ever reach any level of success in lfe because you are so pissed about your own pathetic lives that you would rather tear someone else down."

1. You misused "righting", I would assume you were looking for "writing"? Really that is just the beginning of the numerous spelling and grammatical mistakes in your post. I would at least proofread before you call other people idiots.

2. People who will never reach any level of success are the ones whom are ill-informed, ignorant and apathetic. Simply by visiting this site someone made a choice to become more knowledgeable. Maybe, just maybe, they become upset by problems that affect them and choose to do something about it.

PS: What you've just wrote is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this site is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Anonymous said...

Convictions are up? Are you talking about rates of convictions or the number of convictions? There's a difference and it matters. Also, what are the terms of these convictions? Are people getting MORE or LESS prison time?? I can't speak for ALL cases, only the thousands I am familiar with, but probation seems to be the sentence of choice for the DA's office. Gwen gets to count a "conviction" for giving recidivist offenders probation, and the perp gets to go home so he can commit another crime, so Gwen can give him probation again, so she gets ANOTHER conviction!! It works out great for her and her stats! Only in DeKalb County can you be sentenced to probation when you're already on probation!

That post defending Gwen probably came from someone hoping to be her next driver.

Anonymous said...

Ignorance is no excuse . Do your homework before making comments. Manual Maloof's Driver was an officer whose first name was Buddy. Levitan had two drivers. Doug McBride drove her in the day time. Gail Carrabeka who is still in TAC drove her mostly at night. Levitan even had them drive her older husband places. Most of you haven't been here long as my fart that are commenting. I wish Derwin Brown had gotten a driver and bodyguard. Gwen and Director Miller dont be stupid keep your drivers close to you, these people are dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Times are tough, right? Everyone is expected to make sacrifices. To cut back. Gwen, as well as the others who have drivers, you should just drive yourselves. Set an example, OK? If you think you need protection, do as many on this site do. Carry a firearm.

Thank you.