Sunday, March 7, 2010

What Is Up With CBS Atlanta?

Has CBS Atlanta news become tabloid news? Adam Murphy reports on police officers parking in "no parking" zones. During his report he stands on the sidewalk with a box of donuts calling out for police like they would come running.

Our fine officers in the east precinct were forced to shoot and kill a suspect wielding a knife. Facing danger to their own life, the officers did everything they could not to use deadly force, including using newly issued Tasers. With no other option, they did what they had to do.

Bernard Watson of CBS Atlanta tried his best to make the incident look as if the officers were in the wrong, calling the aggressor a "victim" and questioning "how the police could shoot a man in his own home?".

Watson, in desperation, says to the eyewitness "some are saying it's not right for this man to die in his own home". And the witness response was? "The police have a family to go home to, they've got to protect themselves too, he charged at them with a knife".

Bernard Watson, you are disgusting, and it appears channel 46 has an agenda against the police. It is becoming sickening.

Bernard Watson can be reached at:


Anonymous said...

I pulled up to 34 tonight and guess who was parked ILLEGALLY in the middle of the circle out front (rather than the designated media area)...CBS 46's van. RIDICULOUS.

Anonymous said...

You should have taken a picture for evidence and given them a citation.

Anonymous said...

These fornication heads want to play ball? Then lets play ball!

Anonymous said...

What a slant! "Shot the VICTIM in his OWN HOME." Should have said "Shot the suspect after breaking into the location and threatening innocent women and children."

I gotta say, the guy they interviewed was actually pretty good; this "reporter" (I use the term loosely) was trying to bait him and he gave truthful and honest answers. It's nice to see a DeKalb County citizen recognize that we need to go home every night.

Anonymous said...

I'm kicking myself for not citing them (or at least taking a photo). It didn't register until I was back home reading the blog.

Anonymous said...

Take your time young grasshoppers, they park there all the time.
From now on they will be asked to move with a short copy in hand.

Slamin Ethel said...

Ethel says she has to disagree, what better place to die than in your own home.
It's a hell of alot better than dying in the streets of Dekalb County.
We choose our own destiny, you are either a descent productive member of society or you are a leech on society.
Either way the decision lie's within your own soul, so whats it gunna be.
Now It sounds to me, and according to the eye witness babysitter that the officers did all they could to keep from killing the nut case that is apparently one of the many leeches in our society.
Look he didnt go there to say hello to the babysitter or see his children like a good daddy would do.
His intentions were to harm someone,anyone,and everyone it would appear.
So Ethel and I say way to go Dekalb's Finest.
Thank you for making the world a safer place for the rest of us descent people in society.
I cant wait till the day CBS46 calls for the brave Dekalb officers to come running when they need us.
You know damn good and well that Adam Murphy, and Mr. Watson would cower down screaming like little bitches while hiding behind the tires of their vans they ride in, wuss!

Anonymous said...

What a jerk! Talk about a slanted report! I wonder if this douche bag will have the balls to apologize either here or on his channel!

Why wasn't a parking citation issued to the illegally parked CBS46 van? I would have written one, photographed it, and sent it to channels 2 and 5!

Anonymous said...

AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! Who the hell watches CBS news? Bernard Watson, please don't get caught speeding!!!!! Those "Super Speeders" fines are steeeeeep dude!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Ethel - thank you to the officers for making sure that you stayed among the living, and for saving the lives of those children. (Didn't I read where the wife called the babysitter to warn him not to let the husband in? After he had smacked HER down? Something very dangerous was up with that guy.)
Again, to the Officers, I'm glad you're OK. I know you didn't want to hurt him, but you must always protect yourselves.
Citizen on your side...

Anonymous said...

I really like the "six officers are off the job" line. This news channel is a joke. It's pretty much cut and dry when the "victim's" friend of many years says that he was afraid and the "victim" charged at the officers with a knife. Sorry for your loss family, but he made the decision to not put down the knife. I'm glad the grey team all went home OK.

Anonymous said...

Fox 5 did a good job interviewing the dead perp's stupid wife. She contradicted herself a lot and made really dumb comments. But she did admit to be on the phone with her babysitter and overhearing police telling her husband to drop the knife.

Anonymous said...

U guys are missing the big picture, ever since Wendy did her great story on politicians, I'm sure the politicians have promised Watson and Murphy something in return when the time is right. They are selling their soles to the dark side just like Winnie did and u see where that got him!!!! Looks like Clayton County is crushing corruption and locking up 4 of their own. Great job keep up the good work. Bad cops are a black eye for Law Enforcement. Our upper Chain of Command and politicians need to take note. Thats bad when Clayton County appears to be a better place to work then Dekalb County. Keep safe out there and thanks u men and women that fight to keep the streets of this great nation safe. God bless

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS.

Forget emailing the reporters - go straight to their boss - the News Director.

Anonymous said...

CBS Atlanta is so desperate to draw attention to themselves, they have resorted to amateurish journalism tactics. The line of "killing someone in their own home" made it seem like the Katheryn Johnston situation that happened with Atlanta PD years ago. Police were called and they did their jobs which was to serve and protect. Sorry if the suspect lost their life but they made the decision to threaten police officers. Do we have some bad police out there? Yes, lets find them and fire them. To those who do their jobs without bias and prejudice, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Now the creators of this monster can not contain it....

Anonymous said...

Another cheap wuss reporter from CBS Atlanta.I doubt either of them have the balls to be a COP.Fight fire with fire. The police have taken it laying down for too damn long.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to shove those donuts up that little p***k's nose.

Only In DeKalb said...

My Email
You sir should be ashamed of yourself. Get the facts before you start referencing people as victims. As an officer myself, when we get a 911 call we ussually have very little information. The officers responded, as we HAVE to BY LAW, to a 911 call. When they arrive onscene they find the rear door shattered and an uncompliant suspect. After not complying with orders he was tased. After that he charged officers with a knife, trying to kill them. What would you do sir? The police officers had no other option. They tried less lethal and the SUSPECT (not victim) would not comply. The SUSPECT'S own friend told you the exact fact, officers have to go home too. All the suspect had to do was comply with officer and explain himself to them and this all would have ended a lot differently. But he made the decision to be a perp. He made the decision to not comply with the officers LAWFUL ORDERS. Why don't you do a little research (your job) before acting like a perp yourself. Domestic violence is a huge problem in this community and we are bound by law to fully investigate all complaints of domestic violence. So the police had every legal right to be in this man's home investigating the situation. Read a law book if you are going to continue to report on the police. You are a disgrace to your profession.
Pissed Off.

Anonymous said...

Guys, I hate to be the one to break the news, but news journalists are about 85 percent liberal, 15 percent conservative. As a liberal they have several pet peeves, actually they have a lot more but I will keep this simple. They distrust our military and police, a lot. CNN and "Baghdad Bob" were gleefully telling the viewers how the Iraqi's were crushing the American invaders whilst the DOD was releasing video footage of the American Army driving unopposed into Baghdad, and kicking ass on anything in their way. Who did CNN and the media believe? Baghdad Bob of course. Later CNN admitted that it deliberatly lied to its viewing audience to maintain its journalistic presence in Iraq.
The US military has transformed its forces into the finest in the world. Duty, honor and the integrity of our military are reviled by our liberal media while they lavish praise upon Hugo Chavez as he leads his country into socialist poverty, the destruction of the freedom of press and individual liberty in Venezuela.
With the politics or ideology of the media, do you as cops ever expect to get a fair hearing or sympathetic coverage from news journalists? 85 percent of them badmouth you behind your back and in their coverage.
My only suggestions are common sense. Treat these guys with courtesy and professionalism. Be honest and If you can't talk about the event, explain why. Don't be jerk. (like ticketing the media vehicles in no parking zones)
We all saw what happened with the incompetence and ego of Sheila Williams in the media coverage and DeKalb doesn't need a repeat by DKPD. You are some of the finest cops on the planet, don't forget it and abide accordingly.

Anonymous said...


You are 100 percent correct.

We have discussed this internally. Victim was a poor choice of words.

Steve Schwaid
Director of News and Digital Content
CBS Atlanta News and

A note from DeKalb Officers: Not sure if this legitimate or not, but we are posting it anyway.

Anonymous said...


To Dekalb Officers - it's true. I also emailed Mr. Schwaid, and received this response:

"I have discussed what happened with the reporter and how we should have used different verbiage to describe what happened."

It was a politically correct, fairly non-committal, brief response that may suggest he's heard from more people than he wants to about this.

Also, I thought I was clear about my displeasure over the story Donut Boy did on "illegal parking". Mr. Schwaid did not address this in any way, which was disappointing.

Are the GIRLS the only thing rockin' at CBS Atlanta News?????? The boys are lookin' kinda desperate to grab some of that attention.....just sayin'.

But let's keep the dialogue going (and productive) - cuz maybe something good will come out of this!!!

Hey Lo Flyer :-)

Slamin Ethel said...

This was his response to me, so maybe thats what got him to speaking with ol Bernard who knows.

From: Steve Schwaid
Cc: Cary Bond
Sent: Tue, March 9, 2010 4:17:13 AM
Subject: Re: Your Inept Reporters

Thank you for writing.

I will be reviewing Bernard's story this morning.

I appreciate you taking the time to write.
Steve Schwaid
Director of News and Digital Content
CBS Atlanta, CBSAtlanta.Com
404 327 3267 O
917 952 1392 C

Anonymous said...

The character of our Nation as a people is defined by those who daily put on a uniform and at their own peril defend it.
I doubt if donut boy from CBS Atlanta has ever done anything close to public service, civilian or military.

Anonymous said...

Some of the greatest highlights of a career in DeKalb is the chance to really make a things a little better. You get a chance to run up on some interesting people in positions of "authority" and cite them when they break the law. Some of my fondest memories were those dealing with Hosea Williams, Cynthia McKinney, and even Tupac Shakur. If I had no mercy on any of them, I damn sure wouldn't have any mercy on some idiot reporter with an agenda. I do think Dagmar Midcap is HOT however :)

Anonymous said...

Just WOW. The witness did police right. Kudos to him.

Bernard just got there (46) in December, he needs to remember it is 2010, not 1963.
I hope he gets out of his rookie stage with some sort of grace since he isn't doing a good job so far.
Stay Safe. Play hard!!


DeKalb Officers said...

Not sure of the legitimacy of this, but we received this today:

"We have talked internally about the shooting of the man who attempted to attack police and the wording of the report.

We did not properly describe him. We should not have called him a victim."

Steve Schwaid

Anonymous said...

In reference to DeKalb Officers 27, the question is now that they admitted a mistake over Email, will they broadcast it?

Anonymous said...

I hope you guys don't hold all us media types to blame for the crap 46 is putting on the air nowadays. Some of us out here still believe in honest journalism and by the book law enforcement. I've been a journalist for 30 years. Sure, I ask "tough questions" all the time. That's my job. But there's a difference between a tough question and a loaded question, or an accusation disguised as a question.

steve schwaid said...

Dear Anonymous:
First it's hard to take serious points made by a "journalist" who refuses to leave his/her name.

Regardless I take issue with your comments. Our reporters seek everyday to do journalism. You may not like our style and that's fine.

But they don't go out with "loaded" questions as you claim. However, unlike many reporters in this market they ask the questions many people are wondering about.

steve schwaid