Thursday, March 20, 2008

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Dear Sgt.

I hate to think of all of the experienced, dedicated officers we are losing because of money.

I agree that the entire pay structure should be overhauled as you can't compartmentalize it every few years without it starting to look like a quilt.

With that being said, for the FD and PD, Commissioner Johnsons plan is the most comprehensive to get more for these two departments. It does put an increased burden on the citizens, but as one, I'm willing to pay...and would pay even more than the $20 they're asking for.

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DKPD ANON said...


Come on guys! Y'all are reading stuff into Johnson's resolution that simply isn't there.

Here is the bottom line ... either plan provides a pay increase this year. It will take only one more commissioner vote to override the CEO's veto, and BAM! pay raise is immediately effective. It will take God only knows how many more political bs commissioners' meetings to even consider holding a vote on Johnson's plan.

Even if they DO decide to vote on it, those four commissioners who voted for Ellis' plan aren't going to change their vote if it means a tax increase. They simply are NOT!

Y'all need to decide whether you want a bird in the hand or a hand full of nothing.

Anonymous Poster --- you need to call Burrell directly 770-469-5948 and ask him to explain this to you if you aren't going to believe me.

You are killing me with your negativism!