Thursday, March 20, 2008

PatsQB Respnds to "ICP = Increase in Calls Pending

ICP = I Can't Police. Just Kidding, don't be surprised that they are doing soft police work. Setting and attending community meetings along with other family friendy functions.
They are not a stat driven unit, they are not a call driven unit even though they will generate both. ICP is what each officer makes it. I do quite a few that are busting their ass. ICP guys at my precinct helped nab 7 burglarly suspects. It is what it is, try not to get so worked up, the unit won't last long either.

I hate this place. I've accepted my offer. There are so many people here I will miss and I hope I have the opportunity to thank them personally for what they mean to me. Leaving is bittersweet but Tom Brady's moving on in free agency.

Much Love,

JT Ware #2465
72nd Academy
DKPD 10-41 1-5-04
10-42 4-4-08


Anonymous said...

Shut up!!?? PatsQB is JT Ware or was that a fake posting??

Veteran Officer said...


Congrats on the new assignment with John's Creek.

Congrats to John's Creek.... You've obviously recognized quality that Dekalb has not. I'm sure J.T. is not coming alone.

I hope Dunwoody is taking notes.

Like I've said before....Dekalb has become a training ground for the feds and the local departments around us. Your relatively high badge number bears that out.

When will Dekalb realize they're letting a good department leave one officer at a time?

Officers are putting in their required year and a half to two years and leaving.

Please, give us the leadership and resources that were once the norm.