Friday, March 14, 2008

Anonymous Responds To "Send In the Clowns"

The Burrell Ellis plan should have been vetoed by the CEO. If you were watching, he stated he would allow a tax increase because that was the public will. He asked Mr. Ellis if he would withdraw his substitute proposal and allow Mr. Johnson's to come for a thumbs up or down vote but Mr. Ellis declined.
The politics here are being played, at our expense, by Mr.Ellis. You can also count on another substitute bill being introduced next time to again delay a vote on Mr. Johnson's recommendation.
Mr. Ellis stated in this time of a recession that we had to tighten our belts. I would agree but want to ask this: In the past 10 years of prosperity, what was the Public Safety Department given? I believe we have recieved a total of 3% across the board raise in the last 10 years. However, our pension has gone up double that our Merit increases have been reduced to 2 or 3% on average.
I don't know when the political games will end but it is almost too late to save this place now. We have veteran officers leaving to go to the Sheriff's Department and other smaller agencies. When did you ever think you would see that? We can thank ALL of the County Commissioners for that.

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DKPD ANON said...


Y'all got it all wrong. Commissioner Ellis' substitute motion gives the full 8% to EVERYONE! Four Commissioners voted FOR this motion, so the raises were approved. It became effective immediately on Tuesday. Vernon vetoed the motion on Wednesday, so the beef is with Mr. CEO --- not the Commissioners.

Vernon's veto can be overridden with five Commissioner votes. The four who originally voted for the motion will vote for the override, so all we need to do is persuade one more Commissioner to vote FOR the override --- and the raises are back!

Do y'all really care how the raises get funded?