Friday, March 14, 2008

PatsQB Comments: Who Is the Academy Graduation Really For?

I can't argue with you Sammichmuncher you are on target. Fly you are right too!
New subject for gripes....has anyone been to an academy graduation ceremony lately? You would not believe how it is about everything but what recruits have done to graduate and their journey. It does not properly recognize the instructors who put in so much time teaching, motivating, and PT'ing with you. I know not all instructors were the same but mine was bad ass. Now we have choral groups singing the same song over and over..."Seee-ee yourself in the future! YOoouu aaaarrreeeee royalty!".

I hate this place.


Anonymous said...

Well they keep trying throw a religious tone to a POLICE GRADUATION. I guess they think it will save a few and make the community happy. Its something I will never understand. They make it a place for him (chief) to tell how great they and their friends ( CEO ) are, its all politics , they need all the praise they can get.The ones who really deserve the credit are never acknowledged. I heard it was packed with all the brass, who were ordered to attend in white shirts. They all worried that someone will noticed they did not attended and lose out on a chance to be a Major or above. We are in a sad state of affairs. I will give the Chief credit, I never imagine that we would have 5 fancy motor homes to cruise the county . With them on the street , think of the crime reduction that takes place, and the cost of gas to fuel them. They could be on the take home list soon too.

Comeonguys said...

I agree with you all. Things are bad. If you hate this job as much as you guys say, then why are you here? Go to Sandy Springs, Johns Creek or Gwinnett. The Grass Is Greener on The other Side. How can you spend the best years of your life miserable? Go on and take the leap if it is so bad here. You make this place what it is, not the Chief or the Command Staff.