Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Anonymous Responds To "Where Do We Go From Here?"

I wonder if Chief Bolton will start a campaign against Vernon ( his best friend) about veto raises? Well the 4 commissioners he complained about, gave us a raise. The next community meeting Bolton should, but won't, tell citizens to call Vernon.

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Anonymous said...

Did you see on chaneel 2 how Vernon "vetoed" several of the Dekal audits???We spent a 100k for a group to see how the county was spending funds and they found lots.even in small amounts so it would not draw attention. Commissioner Boyers is upset by saying that was 35,000 we could have spent on an officers slalary.
What about those nice Black Suburbans & Tahoes to the tune of 400k??? Staed so when dignitaries come to dekalb they can be escorted in. Thats cool...which means there are a bunch of black crown vic's just sitting out back of old 34.
Chief Bolten wanted a bench seat put in his Ford Expidition...it was sent back to Ford at an additional cost of 4000.00 because Ford had to custom make the bench seat for him. Another example of county waisting funds.
Did you know he has over 70 uniforums asigned to him. Guess the motor home he's been living in does not have a washer and dryer, or does he drive back to Texas to get it done?I understand he's in charge...but in the military don't they teach us to lead by example????No wonder we are circling the drain.