Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Where Do We Go From Here?

First of all we would like to thank the good citizens of Dekalb County for standing up for their public safety personnel, especially standing up for the police.
So Vernon is to veto the reached agreement between the commissioners. We don’t know of any other way of saying this but: It just pisses us off! Didn’t Venom Vernon just say two (2) weeks ago that he “heard the will of the people” and that he would not veto a raise? He is a liar!
Do you honestly believe he will not veto any agreement that is reached in two (2) weeks?
What can we do? Do we sit back and just take it? Our citizens have stood up for us yet Venom Vernon is not listening!
Vernon is taking us for fools!
Where do we go from here?

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Anonymous said...

Where do we go from here?

We go to Sandy Springs, John's Creek, Dunwoody, Lawrenceville and Gwinnett. We follow those who left before us.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Chief Bolton will start a campaign against Vernon ( his best friend) about veto raises. Well the 4 commissioners he complained about, gave us a raise. The next community meeting Bolton should be ,but won't, tell citizens to call Vernon.

Anonymous said...

Please see my post above. The CEO did not veto a raise for PD. He vetoed the plan that would only get you all 4%. Ellis' plan only gets you 4%, across the board for ALL sworn officers. Then the original budget gets ONLY MPOs the additional 4% merit.

CEO vetoed Ellis plan so Commissioner JOhnson's plan could be voted on. It gives 4% to PD and FD and 4% merit to those same people. Not just MPO's.