Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Anonymous Says:

"We've seen a lot of political grandstanding lately about public safety"

I find this comment by Burrell Ellis hysterical!! He is running for CEO and most of the GRANDSTANDING around this issue for the last month has been him.

Don't be fooled- be aware of the county higher ups that really support public safety.

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Anonymous said...

15 years ago Dekalb was a great place to police. It had a stellar reputation, and quality people were knocking down the doors to get over here. Over those 15 years I ave watched my police department transition fom a great place to police into a great place to receive excellent police training before continuing your career elsewhere. it's disappointing to watch this take place when i know there is not really much i can do about it. i can stay and hope to make rank, maybe then in 5-8 years i can make a difference, or I can leave and take a substancial pay cut initially and hope the green grass that drew me away stays green long enough for me to see a benefit. it's a sad sad time in my life when I come to work everyday and continue to put my life on the line on the line for a county whose ruling body does not have my best interest at heart. i stay because i hope it will get better, it has to. But I speak for many who will tell you that you can no longer expect us to sit around and watch you make finanical and political decisions that befefit your future with playstation like quickness, while voting on mine with all the speed of old men playing chess! That just plain crazy. if you need assistance fixing this mess you have yourselves in...you have us all in....dial 911, when you come off hold, tell the nice overworked operator you have a problem you can't solve, she will start you a unit. WE ARE DEKALB COUNTY POLICE OFFICERS. problem solving is what we do.