Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Anonymous Responds To DKPD ANON:

The raise only for MPO's is in the 2008 Budget, created by VJ, approved by the BOC at the end of Feb. They are trying to stop attrition and that's why the MPO's were singled out to get the raise.

Enter Johnson and Ellis-

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DKPD ANON said...


Tbe raise for MPOs may be in the 2008 budget, but both the Johnson and Ellis resolutions supercede and modify that budget!

Don't y'all get it?? The Ellis motion was approved and actually went into effect -- until Mr. CEO vetoed it! It didn't limit raises to MPOs only -- read it carefully -- it says "across-the-board".

I can't believe y'all have wasted a whole week on this distinction -- and that you haven't been calling and e-mailing the three dissenting commissioners every day!

The next time the commissioners convene (it doesn't have to be next Tuesday -- it could be much sooner), there will be an opportunity for them to override Mr. CEO's veto -- and get these raises approved!

Dist 3 Larry Johnson 404-371-2425
Dist 5 Lee May 404-371-4745
Dist 7 Connie Stokes 770-593-3999

Do y'all want these increases or not? If you do, pass the word to your family, friends and supporters in the community, and get them to write and call, too!