Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I made a mistake.

My facts aren't wrong, but I gave you guys a bad link, as one of you has pointed out. My post of 16:18 on Sunday the 16th provided a link to Kathie Gannon's "editorial" on GoDeKalb. The link should have been as follows:


Cut and paste this link into your browser address bar to read the article written by Burrell Ellis. He lays out the specifics directly from his substitute motion.

Where do you see that his proposed pay increases are limited to MPOs?
Why do some of y'all continue to insist on this being in there?

I will restate: Ellis' proposal gives DKPD everything Johnson's does --- and more!


Anonymous said...

The raise only for MPO's is in the 2008 Budget, created by VJ, approved by the BOC at the end of Feb. They are trying to stop attrition and that's why the MPO's were singled out to get the raise.

Enter Johnson and Ellis-

Anonymous said...

"We've seen a lot of political grandstanding lately about public safety"

I find this comment by Burrell Ellis hysterical!! He is running for CEO and most of the GRANDSTANIDNG around this issue for the last month has been him.

Don't be fooled- be aware of the county higher ups that really support public safety.