Monday, March 24, 2008


Commissioner Johnson's pay increase proposal is on the agenda for Tuesday's (3/25) BOC Hearing. It is listed as the first item on the "H" group of items which will be heard beginning at 1000.

There is a good possibility the Commissioners will have the option/opportunity to vote to override Mr. CEO's veto of Commissioner Ellis' proposal earlier in the Hearing than that.

It is imperative that we e-mail and call the three Commissioners who voted against the Ellis proposal and ask them to support it ... TODAY! Scroll down for an earlier post of mine that lists the contact information for them.

Folks - the Johnson proposal WILL NOT FLY! The only chance to get the proposed pay increases is with the Ellis proposal.

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Anonymous said...

DKPD Anon's post is WRONG!

Ellis' proposal WILL NOT enforced because the vetor WILL NOT be over ridden.

Encourage BOYER, GANNON, ELLIS or RADER to suport Jonson's motion. It is THE ONLY WAY for you to get your raises!! THe other three will not budge to support a veto override. VJ only vetoed Ellis' plan to get Johnson's the table.