Monday, March 24, 2008

WeFiveCampers Responds:

The Range Rover is Grey. It is being transformed into the typical "Executive Command Staff" pimp ride, illegal tint windows, probably a bench front seat, blue lights, etc, etc. Once it is pimped out, I'm sure a picture will emerge. No markings, and be sure the tag will be that of a civilian with the appearance of being issued from some northwest Georgia county.

And no, the media probably doesn't find it news worthy.........yet.

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stanley said...

The Range Rover in question is a seized vehicle that was assigned to the Narcotics Unit until last week. The Narcotics Unit seized the vehicle as part of a drug case. I suppose Chief Bolton will add it to the large fleet of vehicles assigned to his office. I hear the Uniform Division does not have enough cars for officers who answer 911 calls. Given this command staff's incredible lack of ethics and huge egos, does this action really surprise anyone???