Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dallas Police Department Drops ICP!

From the Dallas Police Proposed 2007/2008 Budget:

"The current ICP program will be eliminated with those officers in the program becomng problem solving offices in the Beat Management Model".

(Found on Page 13 of the following document)
Dallas City Hall, Council Briefings


Anonymous said...

Reading through the Dallas Council document, it looks like TeeBo hasn't learned anything from a failed term there! Everything he's brought to Dekalb County looks like a rehash of the programs that got him fired from Dallas:

Departmental Challenges
•Large city with highest overall Part I Crime Rate
•Response Time
•Community Confidence

Sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any idea what the ICP unit's mission is on a daily basis? All we've been told is - they are not a stat driven unit, they dont repond to 911 calls, and they'll call for a unit to transport any arrests they have, since they dont have screens in their cars.