Friday, March 7, 2008

DeKalb chief wants shorter response times

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  • Bolton commented in an interview this week reflecting on his first year as chief, much of which he spent seeking public and political support for increases in police manpower, pay and equipment.”

Just to ask a few questions the reporter failed to ask:

What equipment is in the budget request? Newer model handguns?, Tasers? Long Rifles? More cars other than the ones assigned as take home cars for the ICP Unit? Improved computer system?

  • Bolton said it is not his job to tell commissioners where to raise money, but it is his job to offer his opinion that the department does not have the manpower it needs.

But Chief, don’t you often berate your “acting” command staff during “Comstat” that manpower is not an issue?

  • Nonetheless, Bolton said he is "excited" about his job and looking forward to the formal introduction this month of 50 community police officers, who will be devoted to "problem solving" with an emphasis on citizen contact.

So excited that you haven’t moved your family here after 13 months? So excited you took 7 weeks leave? So excited you have yet to have a command staff in place?

Just wondering.

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