Sunday, March 2, 2008

It seems everyone is on our side EXCEPT VENOM VERNON!

It took the Commissioners to get us more officers and ask for a raise. Notice
that Vernon’s budget did not include a raise and asked for only 50 officers.

Commissioners Jeff Rader, Elaine Boyer and Burrell Ellis joined Kathie Gannon in
supporting her amendment to CEO Vernon Jones’ budget proposal that includes an
additional 127 police officers, while Commissioners Larry Johnson, Lee May and
Connie Stokes voted against it. Johnson had offered another budget option,
suggesting the commission raise the millage rate to fund 125 new police
officers, give an 8 percent across-the board raise to police officers in 2009
and set aside $500,000 of community crime prevention programs. This did not pass.

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Anonymous said...

Well we have approval for 125 more officers, exactly what does this mean? It gives the Chief that much more money in his budget to spend elsewhere. Its his play money. Do you really think we have replaced everyone who has departed for whatever reasons. They now are started the new testing committees , we have one for Captain position. Well he doesn't like Captains. We have several on the current list who would be outstanding, but it wont happen. He will be gone in 2009 and we start all over again.

Fly On The Wall