Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lord Help Us!

Word has it that very soon all 5 precincts will house a clergy. This person will have his/her own private office. There are just a few questions:

  • Will this person be on the payroll?
  • Will this person have a county vehicle assigned to them? An Expedition maybe? A driver?
  • Will this person have a county cell phone assigned to them?
  • Will this person have an aide?
  • How much will it cost to furnish their office?
  • Will we be forced to attend prayer meetings?
  • Will prayers be broadcast across the intercom system as if we are in the Middle East?
  • Will there be a Deputy Chief’s position made for these clergy to answer to?
  • Is there not some clergy of all faiths willing to assist our department on a voluntary basis?
  • What faith will these clergy be?

Just more waste of the taxpayer’s money.

The Vision Continues! But what is that vision?


Anonymous said...

Nothing more disgraceful than a low life that cloaks himself in the name of the Lord in order to insulate himself from just criticism or punishment.

That ranks up their with the "they're not my pants" excuse!

Anonymous said...

He's putting together a plan so if a new CEO comes on board and he fires him, he can get the churches to rally behind him to keep his job. This is what he did in Dallas when they fired him. He used the church as his savior. I hope DeKalb sees the light like Dallas and says see ya. I guess he will then try and sue the county for money.

Anonymous said...

We need to revisit this topic. Now that all the precincts have a "chaplin" and all have their own private office. What in the world are these chaplins doing and how much are they getting paid to do it?