Friday, March 21, 2008

Veteran Officer Says:


Congrats on the new assignment with John's Creek.

Congrats to John's Creek.... You've obviously recognized quality that Dekalb has not. I'm sure J.T. is not coming alone.

I hope Dunwoody is taking notes.

Like I've said before....Dekalb has become a training ground for the feds and the local departments around us. Your relatively high badge number bears that out.

When will Dekalb realize they're letting a good department leave one officer at a time?

Officers are putting in their required year and a half to two years and leaving.

Please, give us the leadership and resources that were once the norm.

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Anonymous said...

you want to be like the old days??? number #1 next to CHP????..Remember the perps even told you..don't go to dekalb they will f%@# you up or you'll be in grady!!!..lets quit being warm kind and fuzzy...cut the lead off the dogs and lets get back to policing the way it needs to be...granted we are short...lack of officers....let the supervisiors handle the complaints at a "common sense" level and let the officers do thier job....and let training put better quality grunts through the academy instead of holding a mirror under thier nose to see if they make fog on the glass!!!..Basic police want answers??? talk to a veteran officer...they'll tell you were we need to start!!! before they leave.