Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dunwoody Resident Upset With North Precinct Response Time

This type of response time is helping to make the case for Dunwoody to become it's own city. Unfortunately this is not uncommon in DeKalb County. Response times of up to 3 and 4 hours are not unheard of.
Unlike Dunwoody, the rest of the residents of Dekalb County find this type of response time along with the crime rate acceptable. If it were not true, they would revolt and demand Bolton and the rest of his cronies be packed on one of those quarter million dollar campers and shipped out west.
Click Here for the article as it appears in the Dunwoody Crier.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dunwoody,
Sorry to hear your emergency response time was slow. I can assure you that it happens down in Decatur as well.

Your outrage should be posed toward the administration and the board of comissioners.

We are losing officers at astounding speed. Hopefully the citizens will tire of these issues.

Your voice can be heard July 15.

Down South

Anonymous said...

Tucker is having the same problems. Our response time here
below Lawrenceville Highway used to be 15 to 30 minutes. Lately, it's been an hour and a half.
In one case, it was for a stolen vehicle, and the owner had seen the perps puul off in it. In the other case, a homeowner had ID'd a car who was casing the neigborhood, and somebody had obtained the tag number.
Things have gone downhill since they bought the 50 million dollar building over near LA Fitness. I'm still wondering how much the building was appraised at prior to them coming up with an excuse to issue yet more bonds for their friends.
By the way, does anyone on the foce know if the magic buses were
financed through the Public Safety
Authority? I smell bad people with
money to lend you.

Dekalb Officers said...

The magic buses were purchased with seized drug money. Bolton with his ridiculous notions that these buses will reduce crime in some way, bought the buses riding the backs of officers who risk their lives everyday including Terry Tolles and Dennis Stepnowski who spelled their blood in the streets.

Anonymous said...

Even worse....

The Magic Buses can't be left unattended on the street. After ICP goes home(sometime even while ICP is on working), a uniform officer is taken off patrol to go guard the bus.

That officer usually whiles away the time watching DVD's on the Magic Bus LCD TV.

Go figure...instead of moving a mobile precinct back to a safe area, they take an officer off the street to babysit it.

We're really on the cutting edge. Great use of manpower!