Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Getting the Magic Bus Ready for July 12th at Perimeter Mall

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MagicBusGroupie said...

Work? That all depends on what the goal is.

Are you trying to crush crime?

Or....Are you trying to crush the onslaught of discontent via an expensive, wasteful PR campaign?

If its the former......

I have a bridge to sell you.

That crime moved one block over from the Magic Bus. Or the crime has already taken place and the bus is there to "secure the area." (see Previous High Profile Crimes and DKPD's response - Increased "patrols", that resulted in the Magic Bus being parked up the street with an officer being taken off the street to protect it.)

If its the later....

I'd say "NO". Most residents of Dunwoody aren't gullible enough to fall for smoke and mirrors. (see the Dunwoody North Civic Association Blog at http://dunwoodynorth.blogspot.com/)

Anonymous said...

I wonder what would happen if the police officers all decided they were sick of all this BS with the magic bus(s) and truly incopetent leadership and got together and had a cookout on June 12th instead of showing up for work? The fish are biting! You know a day off aint a bad idea and some of you havnt had a day off in years. One little bit of sage advice to ALL DeKalb officers.....you will not be missed until you are not there when the voting citizens need you.

truthbtold said...

Who U Know May Get U Transfered

Gary Coleman (AKA T-BO, AKA Terrell Bolton, AKA Chief ALL-Mighty, AKA Cry Baby) just won't stop. First, he demoted Major Stathis to a Captain and sent him to morning watch in communications because he thought Stathis would fold and retire like those before him. Then he transfered Captain Lane (female) who commanded the Narcotics Unit to Morning watch Communications simply for shaking the Sheriff's hand. How did she get transfered, she didn't start the fight between the Chief and the Sheriff. We all saw that. . .Talk about taking one for the team!!! Next, and you tax payer won't believe this, after waisting both Dekalb County funds and the funds of the GBI, they transfered their intelligence investigator, Lewis, only after spending. . .get this over $100,000 training her, simply because she is a Stan Watson supporter. Don't be a free thinker and exercise you right in DeKalb, bacause it may get you in the dog pound with Captain Jaygo. He too was a victim of the Support Stan Watson transfer orders. Can someone confirm this for me. Did 5 officers get injured in a fight with a person last week. I am sure tasers may have helped in that scuffle. . .ooops I forgot, that money was spent on BUSES and YES, I said it . . BUSES! If these people were going to take one for the team, they could have at least supported Ellis, cause T-Bo's a sure gonner if Ellis wins.

Anonymous said...


Five Tucker precinct officers were hurt last week fighting one drunk suspect. An officer asked a female to move her car from a handicap space outside a bar. Her boyfriend took issue and the officer called for back up. The suspect leaned up against the car and boldly told the officer he'd wait (for the officer's back up to arrive).

Once back up arrived, the fight was on. Five officers required medical attention and the suspect was sent to Grady (10-56 B to C) for injuries sustained from OC spray and ASP batons. (My guess is he'll find some creepy attorney and file a lawsuit. After all, if the officer hadn't just left him alone......)

I understand Bolton responded to the scene with IA, the PIO and Major Felony in tow.

Yes, a taser would have spared officer injuries and the injuries to the suspect that we are Sooooo interested in protecting.

Where's the outcry from Vernon and his SCLC?