Monday, June 16, 2008

Who is the right choice?

The general election primaries are a mere 30 days from now. If the DeKalb County residents haven’t done so, it is time to seriously consider the best candidate for Chief Executive Officer.
When choosing a candidate, it is important to look beyond one single issue. The decision must be based on a broad range of issues, from public safety to responsible tax dollar spending and accountability.
Addressing public safety in particular, which candidate will be more lately to defend the citizens of this county from raising crime, wasteful spending, “buddy” hiring, revengeful demotions and transfers which has spun the police department into disarray?
Which candidate is more lately to replace Terrell Bolton with a competent chief of police? One that is without a history filled with questionable antics that cost taxpayers millions and millions of dollars. A candidate who will install a recommendation board to hire a competent chief of police and follow its decision?
The serious candidates are Stan Watson and Burrell Ellis. You must also include Ann Kimbrough because she will draw from the Vernon Jones loyalist, simply because of her Chief of Staff position and nothing more.
Today is the last day to register to vote. If you have not, go register. This is an important election for the safety and well being of the citizens of DeKalb County and the men and woman who stand behind the badge.

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live apt fire said...

Why don't you consider Steen Miles? Seriously. She lost to Vernon during his first go-round eight years ago, but she's won (and walked away from) a state senate seat since then.

She's more of an outsider than Watson, Ellis or Kimbrough. Her background in the news biz is a plus, I'd say. I haven't decided who will get my vote, but I'm going to consider Miles.