Saturday, June 7, 2008

Even the Grand Jury has callled Bolton out on his kingdom building.

DeKalb County Officers – Officers Serving Outstanding Warrants: We strongly recommend that virtually all of the county’s law enforcement officers, currently assigned as part of the large entourage which rides with and allegedly “protects” the DeKalb County Chief Executive Officer as published in reports, on a daily basis, be immediately reassigned away from the County CEO and instead be added to the ten Sheriff’s officers which presently are trying to carry out the daunting task of serving the county’s 20,000 outstanding arrest warrants. As much as the County CEO may feel he needs the “protection” of these officers, we deem that the citizens of DeKalb County need their “protection” far more.

We urge that such resources be reallocated and that immediate action be taken to reallocate manpower to serve these outstanding warrants. Defendants should be speedily brought in for arraignment, the wheels of justice could proceed, and the streets of our communities would become safer. DeKalb County would be a better place for our families and children to live.

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"LOVEMYJOB" said...


So I hear that two officers and one Sgt from center precinct got kicked off their morning watch team to other watches for talking amonst themselves in roll call while the almighty chief major captain K Anderson was in the room. I believe that the Sgt got written up for failure to supervise and now the center roll call room has rules on the board about roll call conduct. What are we in high school?
It sure feels like it only we all carry guns! Are you kidding me?!! Go back into your forced retirement from Atlanta Anderson and stop being a company man Higdon and be your old self!!