Tuesday, June 10, 2008



So I hear that two officers and one Sgt from center precinct got kicked off their morning watch team to other watches for talking amongst themselves in roll call while the almighty chief major captain K Anderson was in the room. I believe that the Sgt got written up for failure to supervise and now the center roll call room has rules on the board about roll call conduct. What are we in high school?
It sure feels like it only we all carry guns! Are you kidding me?!! Go back into your forced retirement from Atlanta Anderson and stop being a company man Higdon and be your old self!!

**Editors Note: It was actually Major Waddleton. But that shouldn't' stop Deputy Chief Anderson from going back into retirement.

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Magic Bus Groupie said...

I heard about that.

I also heard that before the punitive action, that team was consistently at or near the top when it came to arrests and citations.

Sad part about the whole thing: that team is now DOWN TWO OFFICERS! They didn't get any replacements for the two who were responsible for answering calls and making arrests.

Not to worry though, I'm sure they'll get two hard charging, experienced rookies from the next graduating class to replace the Veteran Officers they lost.

White Shirts - 1
Uniform - 0
Morale - Minus 1

Residents can now sleep in peace: The White Shirts again have control over an Undisciplined, Unruly group of Dirt Bag Officers.