Friday, April 3, 2009

CEO in no hurry to hire new police chief

According to an AJC article by Marcus Garner, C.E.O. Ellis calms to be in no hurry to appoint a permanent police chief. Ellis stated "he wants to give Bolton every opportunity to appeal his firing under the merit system. A hearing on Bolton’s appeal is scheduled next month".

Next month? As in May? How long can this drag on? Commissioner Lee May a member of the commission’s public safety committee, suggested a timetable for hiring a new chief — by year’s end. “I think that’s reasonable,” Ellis said.

Surely Ellis said this in jest. So far, we have supported Ellis. But if he is serious about appointing a chief of police by years end, then he will start to lose the support of the rank and file. This police department, after years of inept leadership, cannot afford to be a rudderless ship any longer.

We can not afford having a lame duck acting chief of police. How can this department be led one day more by the inept, incompetent people Bolton has placed as command staff?

With the announcement of Bill O'Brien as Acting Chief of Police, morale sky rocketed. But the honeymoon is quickly coming to an end.

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Anonymous said...


Why are people so eager to find a "new leader" to "take us in a new direction?" Isn't that how we got into this mess?

Bolton's lame catch phrase was "New Start, New Beginning." Yeah, that worked out great! We had a record number of officers leave the department, millions of dollars wasted on useless luxury motor homes, and countless other scandals! Bolton sure did "steer the rudder," but he just about ran us into an iceberg!

We don't need another Bolton. We don't need someone talking a big game about taking the department in a new direction. We need someone who can MANAGE the department. We need someone who can lead by example. We need someone who is honorable. I think I just described Chief O'Brien. I also think this describes Wiz Miller. If you're hoping for someone who promises the department and county the world, you're crazy. You're just going to end up with another Bolton. The department can return to its glory days with someone who talks straight, doesn't try to sound like Eddie Long, Creflo Dollar or Earl Paul, someone who tells it like it is, and who leads with integrity.

O'brien is doing just fine. Stop being so impatient. Sometimes the best results take a little longer to achieve!

Anonymous said...

O'brien can't really do anything substantative until the job is his for good. Then things will change for the better.

Anonymous said...

Why is Rancifer still in the Burgess building when most of police services has moved to the new HQ? I will say this in favor of Rancifer, he did make decisions when no other commander would. It is better to make a poor choice rather than none at all.

Slamin Ethel said...

Patience my grass hoppers, Patience!
I can understand why Mr Ellis is doing what he is doing, why appoint another Chief and staff if there may be a chance although slim of Ol Knucklehead Tebo getting his job back because someone on the appeal board is pro Vernon and may be influenced to overlook the misdeeds of slim himself.
If he is able to keep his job (God help us) then he would surely fire and transfer everyone in the new staff back out, it's all one big ol game boys, Thank god almighty I can see the light!
I cant think of a better person to run this place than My new Chief O'Brien.
Now far be it for me to incite a riot buttttt I wonder just what would happen should Tebo get his job back, and a massive blue flu were to take place and we just protest outside of Tebo's office. Now surely he would want what is best for Dekalb citizens and since there would be no officers on the streets to protect them maybe he would step down in the best intrest of who he serves.
The truth is yea its against policy,state law, and morally wrong to subject citizens to the rath of criminals but it would send a strong message to Mr Ellis.
There are power in numbers people a few cannot do it alone, so I say stand up my fellow officers for what is right.
Now Im hopeful that all this will not occur but I have seen things get worse.
So Mr Ellis I can understand the method to the madness, please continue and do the right thing with ol Knucklehead and his corrupt staff he has placed here.
Rock on Chief O'Brien, Im gunna slap Ethel around a bit more.

Not Impressed said...

O'Brien is doing just fine,



We've seen one major take a "voluntary demotion" to her previous rank.

Rancifer, Frank and others are still in place.

When will the next specialized unit be announced? Business as usual.

What ever happened to all those non-necessary take home cars being reassigned to CID and uniform patrol?

Has there been any increase in patrol cars available for daily use. The cars we now use 24x7 will only hold up so long.

Shortly, we'll be calling officers off 10-80's involving the Seven Deadly Sins because it is too dangerous to drive the line cars to the limit.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely that we need a permanent chief as soon as possible and the sooner the better. I do not think we can go on for much longer with an, “Acting Chief of Police.” I agree that Chief O’Brien is a very nice guy and he has integrity. However this only goes so far and there are many problems and complicated issues that must be dealt with head on in this police department as soon as possible. Anyone who thinks that we can go to the end of the year in our current circumstances and with our current command staff is simply out of touch with reality. If this happens there will be even more enormous problems and there will be law suits filed against the county.

Now having said this, I would urge everyone to put very little stock in ANYTHING contained in the AJC. The fact is that the CEO spent several hours meeting with a number of police officers to hear their concerns. And it seems very reasonable to me that the CEO would want to get the Terrell Bolton appeal matter over with and out of the way before he proceeds. CEO Ellis is trying to fix an enormous problem that someone else created.

I was one of the several police officers who met with the CEO in the last couple of weeks. He was extremely gracious and it was obvious that he was listening very closely when I was speaking to him. I was very impressed. I will only discuss one basic issue regarding my conversation with the CEO. He said he completely understands how important leadership is to the police department. And he said as soon as the Terrell Bolton appeal hearing is completed that he will, “…move as quickly as reasonably possible to put a permanent chief in place.” This does not sound like someone who plans on dragging their feet and I don’t see how we could ask for much more from him under the circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Ellis can take his time, but for gods sake clean up Bolton's mess, do this by getting rid of the top heavy incompetent assholes that are causing the morale problem. No one is suggesting we go back to the hurry up and get my buddy a job as police chief. But we can not stop with just Bolton and we can't afford to wait for a year to clean up the mess..... So you might be able to relax but the real officers are suffering.

stanley said...

Rancifer is in the old building because that is where he damn well wants to be. And I assure you he does whatever the hell he wants to do. You are right about Rancifer making poor decisions while many in the command staff (Helms---Harrell) will not make a decision at all. You are saying that it is better to have a chief making poor decisions than a chief who will not make a decision. I guess that is what the DeKalb County Police Department has come to huh? Those are our only two choices.

Hey, I have an idea;


Anonymous said...

I agree with you but however, we have to remember that DUMBASS is going to fight tooth and nail to ensure that he gets his overpaid government job back. Ellis is doing the right thing and letting this process play out. It would be more disruptive to have a new chief named and if Bolton was to get his job back, then all of the changes would be undone. I encourage everyone to come clean on what they know and make sure the proper authorities have. They will need substantive evidence not hearsay, gossip, emotions or rumors. It would be nice to see Bolton face criminal charges as well.

Former IBPO Member said...

Why would IBPO think anyone at Dekalb would want to talk to them? County Government or Uniform PD!

The article said,

“He has not sought our opinion as to what should occur,” said Cliff Grimes, who represents DeKalb police for the International Brotherhood of Police Officers.

Grimes said the union had tried to reach out to Ellis since he took office, but “each time, there’s been a different excuse.

Cliff and the rest of IBPO spun the wheels of officers willing to step out on a limb. They left those officers hanging.

Cliff was too busy trying to "get along" with people who wanted him to figuratively "Go To Hell!".

You can't play nice with someone who wants to squash your very being.

IBPO is and will always be a non-player in Dekalb.

IBPO had their chance....they blew the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

lets give uniform some perks, they do all the work and no glory. lets start off will MPO's lets get them take homes asap and better off days

Anonymous said...

Lt. whittington runs Center Precinct. morale is Great

Anonymous said...

I am with you on this one Stan, poor decisions cost the county in wasted time, effort and money. Not to mention it drives off good and qualified employees. The city of Dunwoody has gained some very good officers from DeKalb Police services and I cannot blame them one bit for moving on to greener pastures. If someone would make me a better offer, I would be gone also, but the economy is trashed so I am stuck with the county another three years till I retire.

Anonymous said...

My condolences and prayers go to the families of the three fallen officers in Pittsburgh, be safe out there guys!

Anonymous said...

Whatever comes out of Comm. Lee May's mouth is garbage. He has a Napolean complex and so desperately wants to be the next CEO. He has blatatly been trying to undermine CEO Ellis at every singe turn. Remember, May, Connie Stokes and Larry Johnson supported TeBo.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12, this sounds much like the "The gang of four" female commissioners automatically opposing anything Liane Levitan wanted to do when she was CEO. When Levitan wanted to reign in Sheriff Dorsey's corruption, with oversight of the Sheriffs office budget, they shot her down and indirectly contributed to the murder of Derwin Brown by refusing to look into the Sheriffs office budget issues. They gave Dorsey freedom to do anything he wanted with no oversight over questionable purchases and perks. I am truly disgusted with how the commissioners treated Derwin Browns wife and family after Browns murder. No financial support, not even a charity fund raising drive. She died heart broken and penniless several years later. DeKalb has lost all compassion for its workers and citizens unless it will buy votes.

Ben Dover said...

LoFlyer, I despise Sidney Dorsey and wish somehow he would have got the death penalty. And I am no fan of Ms. Levitan or any elected official for that matter. But, no matter how we agree or disagree, the Sheriff of any county is an elected official. The commissioners can decide how much money will go towards his/her budget, but they cannot dictate how or where the money is spent. Dorsey sued the commissioners and won. All the past sheriffs of DeKalb never bucked the system because they were happy enough skimming of the top of the contracted food services, medical care, and bonding companies. Dorsey came around and bucked the system and brought in 3rd world politics.

Anonymous said...

Ben, Dorsey is the only DeKalb offical I have met who gave out negative "vibes" when I met him in person. Dorsey had no idea who I was, and was extremely suspicious when he did not who I was but escorted by deputies. Bad vibes. Now I am concerned that I can no longer recognize bad people, Re: D Yancey from the Sheriffs office and Hughes from pre-trial release. These were associates and they had me fooled. You never know what is inside someones head until they do something drastic.

Anonymous said...

"DeKalb has lost all compassion for its workers and citizens unless it will buy votes".
This is true with mostly all politicians. They kiss your butt during elections and then you never hear from them again...until they get locked up for something. Basically, I believe that the voting public has the opinion that mostly all politicians are a bunch of self serving crooks that are in it to feather their own bed's. The politicians have earned this reputation which surrounds even the few decent politicians. There are SOME. Our U.S congress is the biggest group of lunitics out there. Mostly all fakers !

Anonymous said...

Can someone PLEASE investigate the Sherriff's Office???!! ToBro has no accounting for his budge or his incompetence! Someone stop the madness.