Saturday, July 11, 2009

High-ranking Atlanta cop under investigation

Atlanta police chief Richard Pennington's chief of staff is under investigation for allegedly bringing contraband to her son in the DeKalb County Jail, the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office confirmed.

The sheriff's office would not say what Maj. Pearlene Williams, a 28-year-old Atlanta Police Department veteran, is accused of smuggling.

Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Mikki Jones said no further information would be released at this time.

Odds on preferential treatment?

AJC article 07/09/09


Anonymous said...

Maybe someone could make an open records request??

Contraband? said...

Contraband is a very broad thing. That could be anything.

Here's the code dealing with "crossing guard lines".

§ 42-5-15. Crossing of guard lines with weapons, intoxicants, or drugs without consent of warden or superintendent

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person to come inside the guard lines established at any state or county correctional institution with a gun, pistol, or any other weapon or with or under the influence of any intoxicating liquor, amphetamines, biphetamines, or any other hallucinogenic or other drugs, without the knowledge or consent of the warden, superintendent, or his designated representative.

(b) Any person who violates this Code section shall be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than one year nor more than four years.

Anonymous said...

Pearlene Williams is a favorite of Chief Pennington. She was cited of doing private duty on city time during the All Star Fest in 2003 and was cited for termination because of her behavior. Chief Pennington decided to issue a verbal reprimand. Of course, all APD officers know if you are not a favorite of upper management or Pennington, you are left on your own. Just ask Scott Krecher and other officers tossed under the bus for following APD procedure. Thank god an election is coming up and we will finally be getting a new chief.

Slamin Ethel said...

Look I dont even work for APD but it dosen't take a detective to see that Pennington is a corrupt individual.
Geez he came from the most corrupt department in the nation.
Im sure just like us here at Dekalb , he has placed certain yes men and women at his side to do what ol Ms Franklin wants.
Is there any descent people left in the world and if so where are they.
OOO yea thats right we have one at the top now Chief O'Brien.

Please..... said...

Anonymous said.. "Thank god an election is coming up and we will finally be getting a new chief."

I can think of a "chief" from Dallas that is looking for work. Yall wouldn't consider taking one for the team?....would ya?

I understand that he's was once considered better than a list of chiefs presented by a group of citizens who did an extensive search.

Anonymous said...

Say it isn't so! A Major is doing something wrong? Pennington will let this go no further than the bottom of his in-box and then into the trashcan like it never happened!

Anonymous said...

To "Contraband?"

"Contraband" is a broad term. It covers all things ILLEGAL to bring into the jail. While sneaking a gun into a jail can pose more a safety risk than sneaking in a nickel bag of weed, or even a pen, they're all still ILLEGAL and ILLEGAL for a reason! A police officer with RANK like she has should know better! She potentially put other officers lives at risk with whatever she sneaked into her PERP SON! No matter how innocuous the contraband item may seem, it's contraband for a reason. An officer of the law should know better!

It disgusts me when people with a badge blatantly violate the law and put others officers' lives at risk.

Anonymous said...

A poster above said.... "It disgusts me when people with a badge blatantly violate the law and put others officers' lives at risk."

I wish there were more of you in positions Sgt and above.

Anonymous said...

Just curious what is this Major's perp son in jail for?

Anonymous said...

More than 6 weeks later, Sgt Scott Kreher is still on paid suspension. However, in the APD, you cant work your second law enforcement related job while on suspension. Now lets see how this incident closer to Pennington is handled.

Anonymous said...

Son in for murder and she brought him in cell phones and other things to make his stay at Dekalb jail a little more pleasant.

Anonymous said...

Curious, the Major's son is in jail for murder.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it was cigarettes. For that matter it could be something innocuous like Tylenol or IB-Propin; still they are contraband and the signs are posted prominently in several languages. One thing I have learned around the cops and deputies is that arguing is counterproductive, once I explain what I am doing and why. Y’all usually see things my way, but if you don’t then you are the boss and we do it your way. I suspect the Major got argumentive about some minor contraband that normally would just be noted and confiscated, but instead the Major got his ass handed to him.
I hope for City’s sake that no illegal drugs were involved. APD is trying to get their act together and don’t need this, just as DKPD needs for all their guys (when I say guys I refer to both guys and gals) on the force to keep their pants zipped and thinking with their big head, especially when on duty. The county and DKPD need to keep scandals like this to a minimum. We are opening up a can of worms with Bolton, Recorders Court, Yancey and other scandals in the pipeline. More is sure to come. Our main job is to make sure we keep our names out of the news. Leave the publicity to Bolton and Vern. Anyone else noticed that Vern is very quiet lately?
Keep ‘em flying guys!

Anonymous said...

Here is some background on Major Pearlene Williams from a 2007 edition of the Creative Loafing.

Pearlene is like APD's Keisha Williams so to speak.

Anonymous said...

This punk is in for MURDER and his mommy is sneaking him in contraband!!

Nice job, mom! You did one hell of a job raising your kid!

Anonymous said...

until we all know the truth we need to keep all comments to our self. you do not know what you would do if it was you or your son.this person may have needed medicine that the jail was not giving him. we all do not know if he is guilty of anything as of yet. until you know the truth stop spreading rumors.i know some jails that will not give you treatment when you need it.let's wait and see how it all play out.get a life and stop consuming your life with other people problems.