Saturday, July 11, 2009

‘Move Over’ campaign could save the lives of officers

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Anonymous said...

Be safe out there guys! In Atlanta traffic it is difficult to pull over to the next lane because it is occupied, and slowing down to 55 is a good way of getting run over. I pull over as far as I can to the left, and slow down as much as practical. I think much of the problem is inattentive drivers talking on the cell or whatever. I do recommend a bluetooth hands free headset, I am a 300 percent safer driver when I use the headset.
I have noticed that a lot of drivers on cells getting into the fast lane and then will not keep up with traffic. Some helpful hints to these drivers. If you you have a mile of free lane in front of you and are barely passing traffic then you impeding the flow of traffic. If you have just been passed by 10 cars in the slower lanes and half a quarter mile of cars stacked behind you, you are impeding traffic. In general if you are on the cell phone pull over into one of the slower lanes and give your self some space, show some consideration to your fellow drivers instead of being all wrapped up in your conversation and your-self.