Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sometimes It's Fun To Watch The Insane

Here is a summary of Bolton's testimony from the 4th and final day of his merit hearing.

Testimony of Terrell Bolton - Day 4(2)


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McKenney closing: "The Police Chief is responsible for policy"?? Didn't I read a few pages back that Bolton said he "didn't have time" to read policy?? (verbal from BJ - sorry - VJ - was good enough?)
This is all more absurd than any "soap opera". (How much is all this costing me???)

Anonymous said...

We still have people in charge that think just like BOLTON.

I like Director Miller, from everything I have heard about him.
I believe that he should be able to pick his own staff. I do not understand why they all need take home cars. If this is a perk for the assignment , what a waste of money on vehicles and gas. I wish I could save money every month car payment.. free gas and insurance. I bet the budget will get reduced next year. Who will suffer?

Anonymous said...

I heard someone said it was great to work here when we had Chief Hand.

Banish Bolton said...

No wonder morale was so low. Can't imagine having to work with a man like Bolton. You were probably either his best friend or an enemy. Not good working conditions for the DKPD.

Don't let him back into DeKalb!

Anonymous said...

Bolton's cheese has slid off his cracker!

Anonymous said...

This transcript shows what is or was wrong with DeKalb on so many levels, starting with Vernon Jones and Bolton. Secret verbal agreements supersceding written county policy and law, the principals who are in charge of policy and law will not even read their own policies because they are unique and above such mundane policy intended only for lowly "Clock punchers"?
That Bolton could have as many cars as he chose whether it be 1, 10 (20, 50) or more?
The arrogance and stupidity of Bolton is matched only by Vernon's ability to avoid investigation amidst scandal after fracken' scandal throughout his term as CEO.
From what I understand about employment law is that verbal agreements are non-binding. Bolton's verbal agreement with Vern is simply that. With Vernon only. Bolton admitted that he signed a letter to HR director Stone allowing for the standard county holidys and leave, with no mention of comp time. Bolton is soo screwed he doesn't even know it. Expect this one to go the Georgia Supreme court. Bolton is just the jerk to do it.
I fear that what we are seeing with Vernon and Bolton is just a small part of our poor national political leadership that we have seen in the senate and congress for the last 20 years. A few honest souls surrounded by elected officials whose number one concern is bettering themselves rather than what is best for our country.

Better DeKalb said...

Bolton is either lying or completely incompetent. A person who has been in law enforcement for as long as Bolton and somehow managed to rise to police chief should have at least a basic understanding of policy. So that leaves lying. What is the penalty for perjury these days?

Anonymous said...

Bolton is a liar and thief and he was from day one. Thats why Vernon Jones picked him, FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL OVER SOME VERY QUALIFIED PEOPLE. He knew that Bolton was so bad, and so incompetent that it would take attention away from his misdeeds! Vernon Jones needs to be on trial for a lot of things including picking this fool to be the chief of police.

The Man in the Mirror said...

Food for thought -

Somehow "I'm the chief" and "I'm unique" doesn't sound novel or new.

Be honest now.

How many times has a badge been produced followed by "Oh, I'm one of you... "I'm NYPD,"..."I'm DEA"... "I'm FBI"....."I'm APD"... "I'm Gwinnett"... I'm "fill in your favorite agency".

The laws don't apply to me and you're gonna give me a pass because I'm "poe poe" and I have a BADGE.

Why should it be any different for Bolton? He's just higher up and expects more because of his title and position.

Fair is fair.

Why should we expect or demand more from a chief executive?

Anonymous said...

Let's go use the "Retroactive discipline" on Vernon Jones too. He's probably thinking because he's out of office he's safe. He needs to be in jail, not in office.

Bolton needs to go. Forever.

Anonymous said...

Its funny how Bolten said if the CEO wanted to run the police department then the CEO needed to go to the police academy. I guess that same logic didnt apply to Keisha Williams who, by Bolton's own admission, was 2nd in command of the police department.

Anonymous said...

This is all so amusing to me and I must apologize for that because I know we are talking about the lives and professional careers of a great many people who are otherwise "good people." But I am a Dallas-area person and while the whole issue with Bolton was going on, I was extremely pleased to see him go. It never occurred to me until today that he could be hired as police chief anywhere else with the Dallas reputation that followed him. But after reviewing lots of information, it is clear that only someone more corrupt than Bolton would consider hiring him and, in fact, did.

This nation of laws was based on the notion that no one is above the law and that ignorance of the law is never an excuse to break it. Once it is shown that someone in office does not subscribe to that point of view they are immediately unworthy of that office and should be ousted immediately. In fact, I believe a statement of agreement with such a notion should be part of that person's oath of office and in the employment agreements of all in government employ from the top down.

Anonymous said...

Remind me why Bolton was hired again? Hard to believe he testified that he didn't read the manual. Nice ammo for the County to use down the road though.