Monday, September 21, 2009

DeKalb Bracing For 'Several Hundred' Job Cuts

This is scary news. Do we face furloughs as the Atlanta Police Department and the elimination of police positions as Gwinnett County?

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Anonymous said...

Apparently he "spoke out of turn." However, it seems that his presentation revealed the truth about the financial situation in DeKalb County.

Furloughs would suck and firings would be even worse. However, DKPD is understaffed as it is...we really cannot afford to lose people, and the citizens would go apes**t if firings occurred. If you look at Atlanta, they realized the error of their ways and decided to end furloughs (albeit with a tax increase). I can't speak for Gwinnett, but I know they are still hiring people, so I guess the 50-employee cut isn't quite as bad as it seems.

I'll keep coming to work until they tell me to stop.

DKPDwhippingboy said...

Why not start slashing jobs from the top this time. Top boys get most of the money, one high end firing would be like 5 low end firings. Why should the guy picking up trash to support his family when the guy talking trash to support his makes so much more money. Exactly how many commissioners do we need anyway?!? But of course you know they'll cut the unimportant items public safety.

What is Missing from Inservice? said...

Did you also notice that the upcoming in-service training didn't include Taser certification or a new service pistol.

Anonymous said...

Someone said that we the PD is gonna have to take a furlough day in November.

Anonymous said...

Look its without a doubt the problem with DeKalb's Financial situation is poor money management. "Hey guys lets spend 4 million dollars on seven more DeKalb County Library's" are you kidding me? 75 percent of the people using the library's are wanna be gang banging thugs so they can use the free internet and post their gang stuff on myspace and facebook.

Why is it that every county that is in a financial crisis raises taxes $100 a YEAR thats like 8 bucks a month. Make the people who call 911 pay for our services. Oh wait, DeKalb county has a CEO who wants to be re-elected so he is afraid to raise taxes, thats total bulls**t. so we will all take a day off without pay three times a year, so the people of DeKalb county dont have to raise taxes, because of the total retards who run the county were elected into positions due to who sucked the best a**.... Give me a break

Anonymous said...

Do I smell a ticket strike?? Why write tickets? Recorder's Court, under the direction of Judge Walker, has failed to collect MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars over the last several years. Before ANYONE in the county takes a pay cut or is furloughed, start with Judge Walker! Before one person is laid off, start with Judge Walker! Recorder's Court wasn't collecting nearly what it was owed through the hard work of DeKalb Officers! Now DeKalb Officers and other county employees are being threatened with furloughs , no sick checks, and loss of paid holidays? How does that work? She screws up and everyone else has to pay for it?

Anonymous said...

Over the last decade DeKalb government has elected to expand government services at every chance while ignoring the foundations of county government.
We see beautiful new county facilities, the performing arts center on Rainbow drive, The Lou Walker senior center on Panola road, the aqua-park at Browns-mill. There have been some behind the scenes improvements. The new Water filter plant in Dunwoody, the 911 call center, the BOC offices, the new central sanitation transfer station, etc.
However this has all come at a cost of ignoring basic county building maintenance and employee salaries.
The overhead tarps to catch rainwater in too many county buildings are a dis-grace, the county can't even fix a roof. Look at the Tax Commissioners building with dozens of roof leaks, and the Maloof Annex with the county auditorium got flooded out last week due to a clogged drain, not mention the roof leaks. The Callaway building grounds are an absolute disgrace. You walk through mud over-running the side walk to enter the building. The CEO and BOC refuse to even tour county facilities to see how bad the upkeep is.
Employee salaries suck. We have to hire consultants to do my job because my salary is so low and the candidates applying at county salaries are underqualified and not prepared for the high-pressure job of providing services for 700,000 citizens when the going gets crappy as it has been for the last couple of days.
It is time for the county to return to its basic functions of providing quality basic government to its citizens. This means paying your employees a decent salary (not just your adminstrative office) and maintaining valuable county facilities and structures. Bread and circuses doesn't get the job done.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear GOD...the answer is very simple....Dekalb County is a Democrat County....what do Democrats do the most expand gov't to the point of breaking the tax payers. It's happening on the local, state and federal level. Democrats believe that it's the role of the gov't to take care of all their needs....

The only way to improve the community is to reduce wasteful gov't spending....not to expand gov't but reduce it....the gov't is not a business but a function of the public which means the taxpayers....These elected officials need to get a grasp that it's not an open checkbook and the county employees need to realize that you have to work to get paid. Many, and I'm saying many of them (not all) come into work sit around drawing salaries that if they were in the private sector would pay them half of what they're earning on the taxpayer's dime. Not to mention there is so much duplication of services going on in this gov't that it would make taxpayer's heads spin....but we need to make sure that good ole bubba here has a job....Maybe it's time that the county do a little house cleaning....maybe it would weed out the wasteful tax dollars being sucked off of the county Tit...

Anonymous said...

Job cuts? What a disgrace. A new academy is being created for January. Don't need it if it means current employees (all current employees) already trained with experience are cut.

Anyone seen the new sanitation trucks? Sure are pretty. But, you know, the military is still using trucks from the 1940's.

Imagine that. Take care of something and it will last forever. True for both employees and equipment. Run 'em into the ground = high turnover.

Who needs a 40 cal when the 9's work just fine. So what if the G model is no longer manufactured. Go back to the F. The military trusts it.

How about reducing 30 and out to 25 and out for full retirement benefits? Just an idea.

Or perhaps we should write even more tickets! Anyone ever notice how many people don't use a signal for a damn thing anymore as required? A book a day easy y'all!

Perhaps FEMA should step in and bail this county out of 'this' disaster it has gotten itself into.

For those of you who departed in years past and peek in again from time to time from your "greener" pastures, men/women, I should have joined you then. And I know they are "greener" because I haven't seen or heard from a one of you of trying to come back. Two thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

Writing tickets does not generate revenue for the county because Judge Walker mismanages the court. If anyone is let go, she should be at the front of that line.