Monday, September 21, 2009

Walton County Leads DeKalb P.D. In Technology

The Walton County Sheriff's Office has launched a web site titled "Crime Tube".

Captured video of burglary and robbery predators are posted by the Sheriff's Office for the world to see in hopes the perpetrators will be recognized and arrested.

Kudos to Walton County. And our I.T. people are doing what?

Click here for "Crime Tube"


Anonymous said...

What a great crime solver tool. This department was a leader in new ways to solve crime years ago.

We got new software for our computer dispatch laptops and guess what , it cannot do everything the old system could do.

Instead of going forward we are going backwards.

I guess someone made money on that deal, but the department lost.

What we need are professional computer people not people who have trouble even speaking English.

Yeah..... the joke is... said...

Upgrade of computer software!

What a joke....even the STAR team uses smaller departments like Doraville to run NCIC for them because the system is down for Dekalb.

I will say that it has been better lately, but for a while there.....

Andy Norris said...

When I was there the old Motorola KDT's were the bomb.