Wednesday, September 23, 2009

District Attorney Gwen Fleming Has Blood On Her Hands

DeKalb police have arrested Ronald Clemons for the shooting death of two (2) adults and a toddler that happened on Monterey Drive. A third person was shot but is fortunate enough to be alive.

This predator, Ronald Clemons was arrested in 2004 for killing another woman, ironically on the same street, Monterey Drive.

Our District Attorney, Gwen Fleming allowed Ronald Clemons to plead out to a three (3) year aggravated assault deal which he served two (2) and was released on probation. Because of this, now we have 3 more people, including a toddler, dead.

This woman, Gwen Fleming and her management of the District Attorney’s office is a disgrace! We question why there is no outrage by the public? The citizens of DeKalb County should be on the doorsteps of the District Attorney’s Office demanding answers.

Yes, she has blood on her hands!

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Anonymous said...

I don't want to brag, but I pointed this out LAST NIGHT! I actually made a mistake though. I pulled up Clemmons in OJS and saw he had 5 felony arrests, but I didn't see any indictments. So, I complained about THAT. I guess I was wrong! He was indicted....but got probation...for a MURDER!!

Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that if someone died in the commission of a felony, that was MURDER?!?! Way to go Gwen!! Way to drop the ball!!! A three year old is dead because you SUCK AT YOUR JOB!!! Gwen, you are worthless!! You should resign immediately!!

Who was that idiot sticking up for Gwen bragging about her increase in convictions?? Is this one of her convictions you were bragging about?? Wow!! Great job!!! She gave probation to a known drug dealer in a shoot out with other known drug dealers and an innocent woman got killed!! That gets what??? Probation???? Gwen, YOU SUCK!!!

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to get their contacts at the AJC and Fox 5 news to get on this and start to publish conviction and sentencing rates for the DA and all judges, state, and superior courts. They should start to track the cases now, and after 8-12 months, review the convictions, sentence time, etc. Do it now, and start putting elected officials' names out there, so that we can affect the next election. That is the only way that this kind of thing will stop.

Slamin Ethel said...

I really hope that the poor child that was murdered, haunts her in her dreams at night.
Gwendolyn you deserve it and I hope that one day when you are judged that family will be standing before you.

Anonymous said...

First Officers Barker and Bryant were killed by a felon who should have been in jail, and now a three year old child was murdered by another felon who should have been in jail. What gives???

Anonymous said...

Voters in South DeKalb will keep eelcting Gwen Keyes. They could care less about how incompetent she is. She's a black female who talks a good game. She'll be DA in DeKalb as long as she wants to. It is what it is.

SHE HAS TO GO said...


SHE is obviously part of the problem

Anonymous said...

Why don't we start compiling a list HERE of all the perps we keep arresting, but the DA's office fails to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law?? That would give anyone from the media a head start on names to research through OJS and other avenues!

Who's first?? Or should we start a new thread/topic with just the names of people listed where Gwen dropped the ball?

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm so glad to have found this information. I live near this ongoing problem and one of the bullets that didn't kill an innocent child or two adults came through my front window and into the cabinet under my kitchen sink. Luckily I wasn't up getting a glass of water. It chills me to know that this convicted murderer was out on the streets in two years and was in my neighborhood with a loaded gun with which he allegedly committed three additional murders. And although everyone has the right to protect himself, bullets flying around a neighborhood need to be stopped one way or another. I'll contact whomever I can to help remove Gwen Fleming from office.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord!!!!!! Gwen Fleming, who ARE you?? WHAT is your agenda???? How DARE you do this to the law abiding citizens who DESERVE to live in a safe community, and to our officers who have to face the SAME GD criminals over and over again!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? GET READY with some answers girlfriend, unless you will just voluntarily leave your position, and let someone competent take over. God I'm pissed.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure the website has enough bandwith to list em all???

Anonymous said...

Technically, he's not a convicted murderer. He should be, but he's not. I guess Gwen doesn't understand the concept of "felony murder." If you commit a felony, and someone dies during the commission of your felony, that's a murder! If you rob a bank and just pretend to have a gun and the 90 year old teller has a heart attack and dies, you just bought yourself a murder charge!! Correction: a murder charge anywhere but DeKalb County!

Way to go Gwen! This is two dead babies in a week because YOU failed to prosecute people!! First you failed to indict a guy for armed robbery and kidnapping. He ended up tossing his newborn son in a storm drain. Then you let this jackass get away with a murder, which allowed him to commit not one, not two, but THREE additional murders, including a baby!!

How do you sleep an night??

Anonymous said...

I grew up on the corner of San Gabriel and Monterey Dr. It started getting real bad about 30 years ago there and I see its only gotten worse. The same voters that elected Gwen Fleming are the same voters that elected Vernon Jones and others. These elected officials have blood on thier hands no doubt, but the voters who elected these criminally incompetent fools based solely because of thier race are also just as guilty. How many more have to die before the citizens of DeKalb finally wake up??? Think of Derwin Brown the next time you vote.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Flemming has a website:
at the bottom of her "Meet Gwen" page, it lists all the accolades heaped up on Ms. Flemming from various organizations. I'm surprised the organizations do not ask to be removed from her web page. If I in any way sponsored Ms. Flemming, I would certainly want to break all ties with her. Not only because of this most recent case, but I would have sought to so so after she gave a convicted murderer 2 years punishment.
Ms. Flemming is "working" for you.
Don't let her do it again.

I'm Ron Burgandy? said...

You hear that, Ed? Bears. Now you're putting the whole station in jeopardy...

Anonymous said...

We have a great system give everyone a second chance and see who they will victimized next in DeKalb County.

June 2002 Ronald Clemons turned 17 years old

May 12, 2003 Arrested for Theft by Receiving Stolen Property
June 24, 2003 Released From Jail
District Attorney Did Not Presented Case to the Grand Jury

July 2, 2003 Arrested for a Felony Drug Charge
September 12, 2003 Released From Jail
Case was Nolle Prosse

June 20, 2004 Arrested on Traffic Charges
June 20, 2004 Released From Jail
Case Transferred to District Attorney’s Office

July 20, 2004 Arrested for Theft by Receiving Stolen Property
July 21, 2004 Released From Jail
Case was Nolle Prosse

January 12, 2005
Arrested for Two Counts of Aggravated Assault and one count of Criminal Damage to Property 1st Degree
June 19, 2005 Released From Jail
Criminal Damage to Property Charge was Nolle Prosse
Aggravated Assault – 10 Years with 3 Years to Serve both counts

August 26, 2005 Arrested on a Drug Charge
August 27, 2005 Released From Jail
District Attorney Did Not Present the Case to a Grand Jury

December 10, 2005 Arrested for Failure to Appear
Giving False Name or False Information to Police
March 23, 2006 Released From Jail

June 2006 Serving Prison Sentence
July 2008 Released From Prison

April 4, 2009 Warrant for Arrest Issued for Probation Violation

September 22, 2009 Ronald Clemons Arrested
& nbsp; Murder
Aggravated Assault
Criminal Damage to Property
Firearm Possession by Convicted Felon
Theft By Receiving Stolen Property
Firearm/Knife Possess During Crime
Obstruction of Officers
Probation Violation

I wonder what he will do in 2011 when he is released again.

Anonymous said...

Another failure of Gwen:

Deonta Johnson. Recently arrested for shooting a pawn shop owner in the head during an armed robbery. It seems Mr. Johnson was sent to prison in 2002 for three years for drug charges. In 2008, Gwen and her crew decided Agg Assault, False Imprisonment, Terroristic Threats was worth only 2 years in custody, with credit for time already served. 2 years!! He should have been sent away for at least 15!

Anonymous said...

In a statement issued to the media, Keyes-Flemming said:

"this case was handled by an assistant district attorney that is no longer employed by my office and currently unavailable for me to interview."

Well, you're the boss and it happened on your watch. What excuse is next?

Anonymous said...

I wonder who is the most responsible for the high crime rate in Dekalb Co? Could it be GWEN KEYES FLEMING. It is probably foreign to her but she is responsible for all that the ass. district attorneys do they are her employees.

Anonymous said...

Gwen, it's YOUR office, it's YOUR responsibility to make sure perps are getting sent away! Stop trying to push the blame off on someone else. That's cowardly! Is Gwen suggesting her ADA's are free to make whatever kind of weak and lenient plea deals they want? Shouldn't the DA have to approve all plea deals? If she's not, what the hell is keeping her so busy all day long that she needs a driver?

Anonymous said...

Before you whiners start listing charges for people, try pulling reports and get more details. Do ya'll really expect everyone arrested for a couple of crack rocks are going to go to prison? Get real, your'e in the Metro area. Also, you must realize alot of these victims on Agg. Assault and TT aren't "true" victims anyways. Did you already forget about the numerous humbug calls you respond to because folks can't seem to get along (trying to be politicaly correct). The only reason you have something to say now is because a child was killed. How about the parents and their actions? Did their weed smoking, dice playing, up in the wee hours of the morning contribute to any of it? The 2005 plea deal was when Gwen first took office. Yes, she was responsible, but I'm sure there was already a "deal" in place before her arrival.

On the subject, if detectives would make better cases and stop this nonsense of believing PC is enough to convict, maybe more will get done. There are certain essentials that must be done on the front end and can't be done by DA Investigators due to the amount of time that's passed, i.e. search warrants, cell records, statements, defendant's yellow brick roads. Have we forgotten the basic fundamentals of investigations.

Oh, some of these police reports appear to have been written by 5th graders. Its an embarrassment. What is this county hiring and don't they teach report writing in the academy. I'm sure the anonymous is going check my grammar here, so what! I'm not a scholar, but I do write reports better than most of what I've seen. BTW oh great uniform, when the victim of an armed robbery gets his damn cell phone taken, don't list the stolen cell phone number as his contact info. Are you kidding me?

Anonymous said...

Shhhhh!! The DA's office is here doing damage control!

You know, Mr. ADA Doing Damage Control, ADA's can take statements and subpoena phone records too! ADA's can talk to witnesses and victims! If you're not getting what you need or want for a successful prosecution you can get it yourself! Or how about this: why don't you call the officer or detective and let them know WHY you are not prosecuting their case! A simple phone call might change things! I had an ADA almost drop a case because she thought my arrest and subsequent search were questionable because the perp didn't have a serve date for his suspended license! After she checked into it with me, the case went from almost dropped to a slam dunk.

The county needs a NEW POLICY: before a case is arbitrarily dropped by an ADA, the arresting officer or case agent should be contacted and told WHY the case isn't being prosecuted. Sometimes there is history about a perp that doesn't come out in the report that The fact is, that doesn't happen now. A lot of ADA's are just dropping cases and hoping no one will ever notice or ask questions.

Maybe we need to start naming names: Perps who weren't prosecuted and the DA's who suck at their job and just don't care. End the practice of anonymity leading to mediocrity.

Anonymous said...

I went to school with ronald clemons. He is not that bad of a person. If you dont know the details of the incident then you shouldn't speak about it. I grew up in the same neighborhood as he. we all went to knollwood elementary. The house on monterey drive has always been a neighborhood hang out for most of us. we were not as fortunate as the dumb asses writing these blogs. I have been to jail for aggravated assault, theft. i Currently serve in the military. what im saying is that look beneth the surface. That was not his house it was just a hang out. where were the owners when all of this was taking place. how how many people do you think live in the house? how many crimes has been involved with this house? The owner should be charged as well the drug addicts that come in and out. The people who let them come in and out, and the owner of this house. Belevede has been the home of protitutes, drug addicts. if you move this out these neighborhood then you have a cleaner streets. maybe the District Attourney got the Wrong person and did not want to charge him. look at all of the things he was aqqutted of. its her fault that he was imprisoned in the first place. also, he didnt kill the toddler. The crackhead put the baby in harms way. children shouldn't be in a crack house no way!!!!!!!! parents fault.

Anonymous said...

To The Perp Defending Clemmons:

It's really sad you have such low standards for people. If he's not a bad guy, then who is?? Have you seen how many times he's been in our jail?? Oh wait, it's just a few more times than you have! That explains a lot!

Inspired To Let You Know. said...

In response to the post dated Oct. 6, 2009 @ 10:28 AM, by Anonymous, regarding
"District Attorney Gwen Fleming Has Blood On Her Hands" "I went to school with ronald clemons. He is not that bad of a person. If you dont know the details of the incident then you shouldn't speak about it." 1st, He pleaded guilty. He has done an evil thing; if you have your salvation, then you can lead him, because that will be a sign that you are no longer blind. “On July 17th, 2012, at the hearing he did not display any emotion, nor did he address the family with an apology or condolences either”. Yes, he pleaded guilty. Perhaps his dad had spent his last dime. 2nd, it is apparent that you did not have the details at the time of your statement. As you stated shouldn’t speak about it, if you don’t know the details, you spoke too soon. Perhaps you have straightened your life since your buddy… buddy relationship with him; it is apparent that once you were planning and got out of the hood, he was probably incarcerated. You certainly did not advise him to make the same choice as you did. 3rd, being that you grew up in the neighborhood; are familiar with the house where the incident occurred, you know the family. I suggest the next time you are home, please purposely visit the neighborhood, go and speak to the mother of the 3 year old. She will tell you that the “crack head”, was handing her 3 year old out the window to her to get the baby out of harm’s way. “You Anonymous should READ YOUR BIBLE” So, I can say this for the crack head, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends “, “READ YOUR BIBLE” Oh, my gosh, I am sure now that he has been sentenced; you have no problem visiting or writing him. He should know that you and your opinion, with limited knowledge have shown your blind support. 4th, perhaps you are right about the owner, but certainly not about the parents of the victims that were adults, they were grown men including Clemons whose life was not threaten, but was the one to commit the crime. Finally the 5th thing, no one know the future, the DA is not to blame for what Clemons did, the blood is on Clemons hands, acquittals doesn’t mean he was innocent. The DA listen to her experienced staff regarding charges brought against him before. He was allowed to except a plea; his sentence was reduced. Note: he took a plea this time and his life was spared he get to die when he dies; not by lethal injection. Every time he has been in prison, it has been his fault, no one else. He just should have stayed there for what he had done previously. He, God and Satan knows what he did and what he was and is capable of. He is the one, who chose not to straighten up his life. His choices through his life, my dear Anonymous, he is accountable for. The age of accountability defined: is once you are taught right from wrong about anything, you know the difference. A slap on the hand was not enough, he kept going until he not only forced the families to live without their love ones, he is also living separated from him, even though he is alive he will never be free, most times families don’t go to jail on a regular basis, soooo…..; what does that say to you, be there for him if you care. Don’t turn your back on him. Yes, you are forgiven too. For you knew not what you spoke of. I will pray for you too.