Saturday, September 19, 2009

Johnson Ignoring DeKalb FOP Letter

September 2, 2009: On June 10, 2009, the DeKalb Fraternal Order of Police dispatched a letter to US Representative Hank Johnson noting our disappointment in his response and actions in the Troy Davis murder case. Davis was convicted for the 1989 slaying of Savannah Police Officer Mark MacPhail. Through years of appeals, Davis recently received a temporary reprieve from the US Supreme Court. "New evidence" in his case will be reviewed by a federal judge to determine if a new trial is warranted.

The DeKalb FOP is disappointed in the actions and statements of Johnson, who seemed to use the tactics of his predecessor by taking the issue into racial politics. As of this writing, Johnson has not responded to our letter. His aides have acknowledged the letter was received (when they called to request we host a fundraiser for Johnson). Read the letter. If you believe our stance is correct, please let Representative Johnson know.

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(From the FOP website)


Heavy Jimmy Jamma said...

Years ago I was in recorders court one morning and heard Hank Johnson defend a young lady on a county ordinance. I was impressed with his game plan, he made the officer look like a fool. I felt sorry for the officer, it was not a pretty sight. The charges were hummy so he brought that on himself.

Then the other day I heard Hank Johnson comment on race. I think it had to do with the Republican Congressman yelling "You lie" during President Obama's speech to Congress, and President Carter's comments soon after. I was surprised at his rant and could not believe this was the same guy I saw years ago in the courtroom. I guess he is just trying to fill the shoes of Cynthia McKinney, he seems to be doing that well!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw Hank on the tv and thought that this was very inarticulate and just a bumbling fool. I really thought he was so non-responsive that it appeared he was on some narcotic. I do not think the comparison to Ms Mckinney is valid because she was articulate but a raving idiot.

Heavy Jimmy Jamma said...

Congressman Johnson does seem to have some speaking issues. This was not the same Hank Johnson I recall years ago so I don't know what has brought this on. As far as Ms. Mckinney I can't agree more.

Anonymous said...

Hank was always articulate, but spoke a little slow. I noticed in the most recent interview he gave, his speech has gotten really, really slow. I am wondering if has a medical issue he is dealing with.

Anonymous said...

What's should be done when lying witnesses come forward after all these years and can point to another (real) killer?
If the justice system was successful at what it does best, killing off people unjustly charged, this wouldn't be an issue. Geez--what a hassle we gotta hear from lying witnesses now.

Yes--justice in the McPhail police killing--that means getting the right guy and making investigators and prosecutors stop taking the easy road.