Friday, September 18, 2009

Terrell Bolton Files Civil Suit

Two time loser Terrell Bolton filed a civil suit for wrongful termination on September 15, 2009. Those named in the suit are: DeKalb County, Dekalb County Human Resources, Merit System, and Phyllis Williams.

Civil case # 09CV11070


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news!! Even though it will cost the County $$, it will be worth it to see this ignoramus spend his last dime on slimy disgusting lawyers who know darn well he doesn't have a leg to stand on. (Johnny Cochran wannabe's perhaps????) Gonna start makin' my popcorn now!

Anonymous said...

We all knew this was coming from the day Vern hired the SOB.
The DA could save the county a lot of money by filing a few well deserved criminal charges against Bolton for abuse of drug seized vehicles and a lot of other crap he has done over the years.
PS, rumor is that J. Tom is going to rack up the big-bucks over the Parks and Rec reverse discrimination suite. We are talking like 20 million plus in the suite.
I have no doubt that a class action suite by white employees on the same charges would drive the county into insolvency.
Ellis is absolutely correct in asking for a risk-managemnt study on hiring practices by the county. Ellis is no fool and the only way to stop the practice is laying out the finacial numbers of continuing racial preference hiring by the county.

Anonymous said...

On the one hand, I feel sorry for the tax payers, because they are the ones who will end up paying and suffering for this nonsense. Then on the other hand, it was these same stupid tax payers who put Jones into office in the first place, then put him back a second time.

I don't want to hear any complaints about services being cut or jobs being lost if you voted for Vernon Jones. You forfeited your right to complain with your vote!

DEKALBwhippingboy said...

wouldn't it be so much more cost effective to file the much deserved criminal charges against this a-hole to either 1)make him go away and quit spending our much needed county money, or 2)put the crook in jail where he belongs??

Anonymous said...

And Jones wants to do for the state of Georgia, what he did for Dekalb...remember this when you vote next time.

Anonymous said...

TEBO as head of the GBI i can see it now. Him and Vern will do for the state of Ga what they have done to the county of Dekalb.