Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lax Oversight Made DeKalb Court Vulnerable To Scam

"After a ticket-fixing scam at the DeKalb County Recorder’s Court this year, no one took the initiative to avoid another security breach, says a new report by the recent grand jury.

The presentment filed Thursday levels no criminal charges but does say the troubled court suffers from “a leadership competency issue.”

Duh, do you think?

What more does Burrell Ellis need to clean house?

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Anonymous said...

Where can we get a copy of the Grand Jury report?

DeKalb Officers said...

We're on it. Give us a few days.

Thank you for your support!

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the report will mention office with a flimsy, never locked door with a couple hundred thousand $$$ sitting on a table inside.

Anonymous said...

All problems are supervision problems.

Anonymous said...

Cleaning house. To Ellis and company, a little less arrogance, belay that, a lot less arrogance against county workers in the trenches servicing your department might result in more ideas and thoughts from us who see the counties problems every day. I talked to some folks who also service the CEO's office, and we all agree it was easier to service good 'Ole Vern's office. We know your feces doesn't smell, but there is no reason to rub it into our faces for doing our facken' job. At least give us a door bell to access your section, and drop the arrogance. This isn't an ego trip for us, we just want to get the job done.
The experiance is about the same as when we serviced Ex-Chief Bolton's office in the last years. Never pleasant and allways a chore instead of a pleasure as we find with 99 percent of the county departments we service.
The current management of R/C was developed during Vernon's tenure, it's an interesting story, full of vindictive treachery against Cathy McCumber who left R/C for the protected position as Court Administrator; Vern was pissed because Cathy didn't fix a ticket for him before he was CEO. It's been all down hill since.

Anonymous said...

Thats precisely why this county is in it's current state....there has been way too much "servicing" going on in the different offices!