Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dekalb Officer Shot In Knee Durng Traffic Stop

This is a reminder that this s--- is for real folks! There are people out there that want to kill you.

Please be careful and back each other up. We are all we have.

DeKalb Officers

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Anonymous said...

I am sure this guy has a long wrap sheet and served very little time for whatever he has done in the past. This is another fox that the DA and courts have released into the henhouse to hurt more people. When will the government stop failing the citizens and deal harshly with these predators? How many people have to die before the government starts having the courage to stand up against these scum of the earth predators?

Anonymous said...

T A S E R, safe endings for resistance to officers

Anonymous said...

Wow! Gwen never dropped the ball on this guy!! He's been in our jail 15 times in the last 20 years, but not once for a felony since Gwen took over!

Anonymous said...

Another traffic stop, with all the other crime we have in Dekalb County, DKPD seems to have plenty of time to bring in that revenue.

Jeff said...

I actually was on 285 right after this happened. Saw a DKSO car when I merged on and the helicopter. Then 6+ DKPD cars and a DK Marshall Car all went by me.
I didn't know what happened but I knew it couldn't have been good. I also knew it would behoove me to get off 285 before traffic snarled :)

Glad the officer is recovering and hope this punk gets caught and stays off the streets for a long time.

Anonymous said...

to the last anonymous complaining about officers doing traffic stop go wash your mouth out with buck shot and there is no need for tasers once he goes for the gun of an officer it is time to lay him six feet under. yes I did say it you try to take an officers gun they should give it to you rounds first

Anonymous said...

glad the officer was not seriously hurt...could have been much worse...just shows there nothing routine about traffic stops...for officers or dispatchers listening

Anonymous said...

What a complete out of touch idiot that posted about revenue from the traffic stop. How about the fresh idea of stopping criminals in cars before they commit the crime you moron. That shitbag didn't run, fight and then try to kill the Officer for a damn traffic fine. He's a killer in your precious society. He already had violent tendencies resulting in warrants for his arrest. Grow a set of balls and take on the perp yourself or take a round yourself so you can save a few bucks. You get pissed that you probably got caught breaking the law, take no responsibility for your actions and then complain after an Officer get's shot, you coward. Godspeed to the Officer involved. Get some R and R and know that there are some citizens that appreciate you.

Anonymous said...

Look we all have made mistakes during our career, running after a passenger of a car when others are still in the car is a mistake.
You have to be disciplined enough enough not to get cought up in the excitment of what has just happened.
If you run past the car then the perps in the car just may shoot your ass.
The suspect running may just be a diversonary tatic and the real perps just may be sitting in the car still.
I dont want to be hipocritcal of the officer and am damn glad he was lucky enough to live thru this event that we all have either faced or will face.
I just wished the perp would have been shot to be honest, we will face him again someday and I hope again that he will meet his demise.
If you take nothing away from this as a learning experience then you are a fool.

Anonymous said...

To the moronic revenue commenter: We do not always make traffic stops just to generate a ticket. Some of us conduct traffic stops for DUIs, drug interdiction, stolen vehicles, wanted subjects, etc, etc, etc. Maybe you should shut your ignorant mouth and go on a ride along. I hope you get into something and piss your pants. :)

I'm Ron Burgandy? said...

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