Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Look What Gwen Fleming Has Gone Off and Done

Ex-APD major charged with sneaking contraband to inmate son.

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Anonymous said...

Gee, it sure was nice of them to let her retire and collect her pension before they indicted this disgrace to the badge.

Of course, the only reason she was indicted at all is because she has a badge. People who committed violent armed robberies and kidnappings long before this incident still have not been indicted. What's the hold up, Gwen?

Anonymous said...

I know we should let crooked cops slide right??? Folks it only takes a few bad apples to stink up the whole crate. The only way to return to our former level of respect and honor is to get rid of the dirt bags and start screening these recruits and get some quality people. When my butt is one the line I want someone I can trust.


Exactly...as Sworn Police Officers, we should be doing it a little better than everyone else.

We should be better because we are professionals.

We should do it better because if we lose the respect of the citizens, we can't be trusted to tell the truth on the stand.

It's simple.

The Boys will be boys attitude cannot continue to fly.

Gwen needs to follow this to the end and make sure this PERP does time.


Anonymous said...

After 28 years as a LEO, this is despicable. Like mother, like son. Both felons. Just took one longer than other to come out and be exposed.

To be fair, now, before you go and start bashing Gwen for this indictment, remember us LEO's are always held to a higher standard than civilians. Having said that, Gwen, you still must go.

Anonymous said...

Whats the status of the Eastside Leutenant facing FELONY domestic charges out of Henry County? (No Willie D, we haven't forgotten about you buddy)

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong they should go after her but why does Miss Keys make it a point to make sure she goes after cops what about the repeat probation sentence being handed out its like three strikes and you get a tough probation in dekalb a criminal in dekalb is a great life go rob somebody and get put on probation plea down to something else no worries you will be out before the ink on the jail docket dries

Anonymous said...

Gwen would you please hurry up and leave office so Miller Time can have your job and take his loser buddies with him. Then maybe O'Brien can really be Chief and run the police department.

Anonymous said...

How about Torrey Thompson? What should happen with him?

Anonymous said...

I am more concerned about the news that Gwen Keyes is personally prosecuting the killer of officers Barker and Bryant. I'd feel much better if someone with more experience prosecuted this case.

Gwen is prosecuting this case herself for political reasons.