Thursday, October 22, 2009

Is Gwen Fleming Responsible For Yet Another Killing In DeKalb County?

Robert Cooper, responsible for gunning down a man on St. Thomas Drive in Lithonia, was out of prison on probation.

Cooper has been booked in the jail at least seven times since 2001 on various charges, including on four counts of burglary. He also has been charged with drug possession, possession of a firearm and violating his probation, according to court records.

Our crack investigative team is on the case for his detailed background.

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Anonymous said...

Dang Gwen you better look out this blog is after you as bad as they were TEBO. They after you since apparently the current command staff is sooooo Greatttt. That is total BS and most of us know it. They must have gotten their promotions or promise of something to lay off them. Good luck to all because we obviously not going to get any help from this blog.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me??? So the DA is now resposible for all murders in DeKalb County when the suspect has a prior criminal history. Get over it!!!!!!! When does the murderer take the blame in these killings?

Anonymous said...

Short answer: Yes

Long answer: Yes and...

It's too bad the victims of crimes committed by people Gwen Keyes and her flunkies failed to prosecute can't be sued.

Anonymous said...

Here is why his last burglary charge was dropped:


Cooper has previous burglary convictions, but in this case, he was supposedly just in the wrong place at the wrong time, according to one of our illustrious judges and our wonderful DA's office.

Have you ever heard of a "lookout??"

Way to go Gwen!! What's this 5 dead in the last month because of you??

Anonymous said...

When the DA's office isn't putting people in prison for stuff that will get you sent to prison in other nearby counties, yes, it is the DA's fault when they continue to commit crimes, those crimes escalate, and people end up hurt or dead.

We really need to start a subsection on this site documenting all of the instances where the DA's office has dropped the ball.

Anonymous said...

"So the DA is now resposible for all murders in DeKalb County when the suspect has a prior criminal history."

If you leave your front door open and your dog runs away, it's your fault for leaving the door open in the first place.

Of course the ultimate blame should go on the murderer, but if Gwen did her job, these worhtless dirtbags wouldn't be free and murdering people in DeKalb.

Anonymous said...

You guys are missing the big picture, obviously the scum bags are ultimately responsible for their actions, all we ask is that the people at the DA's office start doing their jobs and put people in jail instead of doing things the lazy way and just offering probation because it keeps them out of court. 85 percent of all homicides in DeKalb County are committed by perps who were either offered probation instead of jail time for serious crimes, and if your the family member or have a love one who has been killed in DeKalb county, you have to ask yourself... wow if the perp would have just gone to jail for his crimes he would have been locked up and unable to commit further violent crimes.

Anonymous said...

Of course criminals are responsible for thier actions. No reasonable person denies this fundamental fact. but there is a higher responsibility that the government has to protect it's citizens. That question of "what is the responsibility of the government to protect it's citizens?" is what we are talking about in this topic. Criminals commit crimes, that is what they do. It is the job of government (the DA)to protect citizens by keeping violent predators away from the good law abiding members of society so the predators do not have opportunity to further rape, rob and murder our friends and loved ones. It is like a farmer releasing a fox into his chicken coup and then wondering why his chickens continue to be eaten. The DeKalb DA and courts must stop releasing violent criminals onto our streets and then wondering why crime is getting worse. If we need to build more prisons to keep the predators off the street then I am happy for my tax dollars to pay for this. The value of one lost life is worth more than the cost of any prison.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but Ms Keyes is really very good at going after former Dekalb Officer T. Thompson.. I guess its all in the flip of her coin..