Monday, November 9, 2009

The Department To Start Testing Weapons

Sworn personnel are invited to test fire four (4) different weapons, one of which may become our next duty weapon.

The dates are November 17, 18, and 19 between 09:00 and 17:00.

In order to participate, you must complete a brief survey for record keeping purposes.

This is your chance to voice an opinion.

Contact Sgt. Benton at the range for any questions.


Anonymous said...

Now heres an excellent idea!

Heavy Jimmy Jamma said...

What caliber?

Sig or Glock, never a Smith said...

I thought the decision to go with the 2nd Amendment sellouts at Smith & Wesson was already made.

I ran into one of the competitors and was told that the RFP was tailored made for Smith to win out.

Did they rewrite the RFP?

How much weight does our input carry?

Always happy to shoot a new weapon with someone else footing the bill, but just curious about this little development.

Dan said...

What are the four choices?

What to our experts think? said...

I've heard Baretta, Glock, Sig and Smith.

Honestly, I'd trust the Range Instructors, the SWAT team and a few others to test the weapons and voice a educated, knowledgeable opinion on our behalf.

They shoot a heck of a lot more than I do and I trust their opinion.

Let's hear from our "operators". What do they think?

I'd trust Bentoncourt, Weaver, AJ and someone like DeGraff to represent us in any "trial".

I'm afraid the decision will be made by a bean counter in Decatur that cares more about how much can they SAVE.

Anonymous said...

WooHoo, I hope they test .45 acp like Dunwoody and Sandy Springs are carrying. Fulton County PD just switched to Glock 21SF's in .45 acp also.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There must be total chaos in Decatur awarding contracts. It was so much easier when there were no bids and they always just went to Vernon's friends.

Anonymous said...

Be glad A Reginald Eaves isn't here! He would bring back those semi-wad cutters that wouldn't stop a flea!

Anonymous said...

The Glock .45 SF is a very nice weapon. Never been a Smith fan, but got a chance to play with the new M&P and Smith finally seems serious about coming in to the 20th century for a duty weapon.

Sig or Glock, never a Smith said...

Did Smith ever fix the quality control problem that led to the cracks seen by APD. I believe they had to send a number back due to cracks in frame.

I'm with the below on the .45 . Lot's of power transferred on impact!

Anonymous said...

I agree with comments on the .45, but one of the reasons the US army chose the 9 MM Beretta (besides NATO politics) was the lower recoil of the 9 MM against the .45, and that is important, as some of the male troops had trouble handling the kick of a .45 and female troops were coming into the service.
Let your top-shooters have the most input on the weapon, but remember the weapon must also be used by the lightest rookie with only basic experience. Perhaps two weapons or calibers should be considered by the force, one for lighter individuals and another for larger bodies. You could use the same weapon for easier logistics and servicing, but a smaller barrel or caliber for light weights.
I would love to participate in the trial firings but alas, I am not on the force.

Anonymous said...

The best shooters in the county can and will shoot any weapon well. Find the people who barely squeak by when they go to the range every six months. Let them fire every weapon. See which one they do best with. That's probably the best weapon for all of us.

Anonymous said...

What about SSPD extra jobs??

Anonymous said...

I tested the weapons today. All are .40S&W caliber.
They are:
Smith and Wesson M&P
Springfield Armory XD
Beretta Storm
Glock 22
Also tested were two holsters; Serpa and
Safariland. Both are Level 3 holsters.
I have my personal preferences but you
should decide for yourself.

DKPDwhipping boy said...

All four of these weapons have an under rail. I wonder if the department will allow us to purchase our own holsters (cause you know they won't do it for us) if we choose to have weapon mounted lights.

Uniform Officer said...

Thank you to whoever made it possible for us to go down and test the candidates in the "Weapons Race".

I had my preferences going in and had similar preferences going out.

I was surprised that one of my original top picks was now competing for the bottom slot with one I originally had at the bottom.

Not what I expected.

Anonymous said...

A slight correction: alling Smith and Wesson "the 2nd Amendment sellouts" isn't accurate. Remember that Smith and Wesson was held by a BNritish conglomerate, Tompkins Ltd. Tompkins geatly modernized the factory and reinstituted customer service. They were forced into the deal by the Klintons because they were footing most of the legal bill for the Klinton-driven lawsuits. Smith and Wesson thought it a good move to forestall any further lawsuits and hoped that the clock would run out...which it did when Pres. Bush was elected. It was a business move to save the company. Once the lawsuits went away, so did the company's legal manoeuvers. Now the company is as viable as it was in their heyday.

Dorofiej Grabowski said...

So does anybody know the results of the gun testing polls taken out at the range a month or so ago.

Not that it matters, I'm sure the powers that be have decided. I'm just curious what others thought.

Personally I liked the Springfield hated the Beretta

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