Friday, November 6, 2009

November 2009 Pension Meeting

Heads up! Employee and employer pension contributions will need to increase.

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Anonymous said...

22% return rate, over $1 billion principle balance, and a revised pension pay-out plan for new hires in recent years, and you want to raise yet again our contribution? Give me a break. I think I would be better off no longer contributing at all and investing the money instead into a Roth IRA and 457.

Sorry, unless you explain how it is necessary in plain english why yet another increase is justified, you don't have my support. Remember, we were once at just 1/2% and that was just fine.

Family man with AGAIN ess to go around.... said...

Times are tough and everyone has to sacrifice.

I'm getting a little sick and tired of the sacrifice coming at the expense of my paycheck.

Is this increase because the county decided they want to AGAIN contribute a smaller portion to the pension?

Pretty soon, they're gonna want me to write a check to the county each month for the privilege of punching a clock and driving worn out DIRT patrol cars.

Anonymous said...

Guys, I personally am not concerned about my pension contribution going up because from what I understand I will soon be the recipient of your financial sacrifice.
The county is in a deep hole with revenue shrinking and the county continuing to expand non-core and unnecessary government services.
Director Bell has stated the county needs to lose 5-700 employees to remain within the reduced revenue and budget of the county. I saw this happen last time with the Maloof administration and they took the less painful route of offering an early retirement option along with some RIF's. I have heard from multiple sources including my manager that the county will be offering an early retirement incentive package. I am going to take them up on the offer.
I am near burned out. Over the last years the standard of performance in my section has increased to 100 percent right and on time with all projects and operational issues with a high workload and turnover of employees because the county pays less than surrounding counties and expects superior performance.
I will never see a raise in my future years with the county and see zero reason to hang on a few years for another 10 percent of retirement income.
I have no idea out of how many contacts or transactions I have had with county employees over the last 25 years involving technical issues. A guestimate would be at least 100,000. During that time I have only met maybe 20 employees that were un-cooperative or had an "attitude". The rest of you have been pure gold, many, many thanks!
My team has accomplished near miracles over 25 years, and we have saved the county at least 200 million in infrastructure costs. The county has become my family and I will miss all you guys. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

I know that all of you dislike having to contribute more to your pension fund. But consider a senior citizen living on a fixed income whose taxes go up to pay for their share of the county's contribution to your fund.

Anonymous said...

I do not remember what I paid in but i do remember being against the drastically lowering of the rate years ago . The people currently at the low rate are really living off us who paid the higher rate so boohoo. Raise the rates to whatever it was and if sound increase the benefits.

BOHICA said...

Fixed Income! Fixed Income! That my friends is the most IGNORANT term I continue to hear over and over again.

I have yet to see the county add a little to my paycheck when things get tight.

We ALL have a fixed one gave me anything extra when my kid got braces! No one paid me a little more when the POV needed repairs.

Heck, my FIXED income has been reduced by 10% for one pay period this much for FIXED or Agreed Upon!

My income up until recently was/is FIXED... the same every month. If I want more, I have to go out and work extra jobs. Sounds like you need to do the same to augment your FIXED income.

The only people not working with a fixed income live in DC....and they're just printing it or taking it from us!

BOHICA....DC just voted in another HUGE package and the County is arbitrarily cutting our pay.

Anonymous said...

so my health insurance goes up in pay raises for two years..and now a lovely pension increase..and the dept where i work in jan is only going to let off one person per shift off at a time...but i guess at least i have a job

Anonymous said...

Overtime here I come....on call subponeas have officially become "Greetings, Be in Court" 2 hour minimum for recorders court, 3 hour minimum for State court, thank you county for the furlough day....i'll get my money one way or another be it overtime, or extra family thanks you for taking even more of my time....bunch of BOC Turds, go get in your car and have your driver gas it hard over a cliff!!!