Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Burrell Ellis Has Moved Quickly To Address Issues"

Ty Tagami interviewed Burrell Ellis and states: "Burrell Ellis Has Moved Quickly To Address Issues".

One very important questioned Mr. Tagami failed to ask the C.E.O. is; "Why haven't you named Bill O'Brien or anyone else as permanent police chief?

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Duhhhh said...

From the Article...."Ann Brown praised Ellis in October when he announced a down payment assistance program to help county police buy homes in DeKalb. But, said an impatient Brown, no officers have bought any of the numerous vacant houses in her neighborhood south of Decatur."

Ann, don't hold your breath waiting for officers to move into vacant homes in South Decatur. If I'm not mistaken, that's South Precinct.

Do you wonder why the detectives interviewed about the program haven't "stepped up to the plate". Maybe its because they're detectives, they have common sense, and they value their stuff.

Its not like you're asking them to invest in and move into Johns Creek.

Anonymous said...

Moved quickly? Quickly would have been getting rid of Judge Walker immediately! If you wreck a few cars, you get fired. She lost between $20 million and $100 and still has a job and a paycheck while she looks for another job.

Anonymous said...

We do not need a Public Safety Director. Cut the waste on that department. He has a female driver , just like Bolton. I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

The O'Brien issue should be a priority of this blog. Why have the blog administrators not sought answers on this. It seems as though Ellis may be waiting on a Jeff Turner (Clayton County) moment. Typical DeKalb County.

Anonymous said...

Officers are not going to live where they police. Only upper brass who are not on patrol will typically do so. We already discussed this previously on the blog.

I agree about the public safety director position. It was not needed. I would have rather saw the PD go under the Sheriff if we were truly trying to save money.

B*Alexis said...

Identify the driver, identify the dates/times/locations she drove him. Submit your concern about the validity of that police resource utilized in this manner to the CEO and the BOC. But be accurate, be specific, and be professional if you want to be taken seriously. Say what you will about Director Miller, but he worked here for many years, he was smart enough to park his butt behind a desk on the county dime & time to complete his law degree, and instead of going elsewhere, he stayed in DeKalb and worked for the D.A. He lives in the County and aside from promoting his friends and showing off his power (which is par for the course here) I suspect none of us really has any idea of what he does day to day. And those that do, are too smart to say. (in this forum anyway) Consider also that doesn't the CEO have a driver? And I think Brown did when he was Director, so be prepared for the CEO to think that a driver is appropriate and acceptable, and therefore this matter may be unchangeable.

The issue of permanent status assigned to Chief O'Brien however is one that something can be done about. But an anonymous blog entry here won't do it. It raises the issue and that's a good thing, but not enough. And I don't recall seeing some guarantee from the Blog Master/s that they would solve all the problems for us. They just provide an outlet for us to exchange ideas/information/concerns.

Want to fix it? Take a moment to pick up a pen put it to paper, and ASK for what you want. A brief letter like the one below would suffice:

Dear DeKalb County CEO and DeKalb County Board of Commissioners,

I am a DeKalb County Police Department employee, and am concerned about the future stability and leadership of our department. I believe that we need a Chief of Police who has been granted permanent status, and I know I speak on behalf of many fellow officers when I say that Chief Bill O'Brien has our full and complete support. Please help us to move forward with developing a strong professional police presence in DeKalb by giving us strong professional leadership to follow. Due to concerns about potential retaliation, I must respectfully submit my concern anonymously, and I thank you for your understanding. I look forward to hearing that this issue will be resolved expeditiously, perhaps through an email sent to DKPD personnel, a press release, or an official comment posted on the DeKalb Officers Blog.

Concerned DeKalb County Police Officer/Detective/Whatever you are
or DeKalb County Citizen/Whatever you are

If you are worried about being identified (and based on history here you should be), leave off your name and address and MAIL it registered or certified rather than submit an email. I think you'll be able to get tracking info on when it was delivered and can use that to follow up with the CEO and BOC later. You could also Fax it from a public place like Kinko's or a library. Better still, enlist the help of friends or family or community leaders who can attach their name to the request. People complain about politicians being political, but they listen to those who make their voices heard. Give the CEO and the BOC a chance to respond to a legitimate concern presented in an appropriate manner and then see what happens.

DO something about the issue, or stop complaining and looking for someone else to do it for you. Tell you what, I'll go first and post my tracking number on here after I send it. Man up or Shut up DKPD.

Mailing addresses:

Attn: CEO Burrell Ellis
DeKalb County Government
Clark Harrison Building
330 West Ponce de Leon Avenue
Decatur, GA 30030
Or fax to:(404) 371-6291

Attn: Elaine Boyer, Jeff Radar,Larry Johnson, Sharon Barnes Sutton, Lee May, Kathie Gannon, and Connie Stokes
DeKalb County Board of Commissioners
1300 Commerce Drive
Decatur, GA 30030
Or Fax to: (404) 371-7004

For those that want to, Email addresses can be found on outlook

Anonymous said...

Well supposedly the CEO or his staff monitor this site so im sure they know people are asking. Can't the blogs buddy Dale Russell stand outside the CEO's office and ask him when he comes out? Better yet why not have chan 46 ask the tough question. Watch your back O'Brien.

Anonymous said...

Tom Brown never had a driver when he was Public Safety Director, nor did Dick Hand.

Anonymous said...

Some things never change. I guess someone in power need someone to take care of them.

When the CEO needs to cut waste, well , no one needs a driver.

That is a waste of tax payer dollars.

Its not their money so why do they care.

Its tax payer money , it does not count.